Why eat sweet while training

Why eat sweet in training

 There are so-called “gas tanks” in which many nutrients are stored in human muscles. They are called glycogen depot. Filled by excessive externally obtained carbohydrates or fluids.

During strength training, glycogen reserves in muscle tissue are generally used as energy. That is, if you spent most of your strength in training, you can quickly make up for the lack of substances by eating fast carbohydrates – sweets.

Also during intense physical exertions in the human body there is constant regulation of the level blood sugar. In training, the values are lowered quite strongly due to the fact that the body takes away a lot of nutrients to maintain proper functioning.

If you supply new sources of carbohydrates every 10-15 minutes, blood glucose will be at consistently average values, which will have a positive impact on the effectiveness of the exercise. With such indicators, muscle tissue is less amenable to undue destruction, leading to better performance during lifting weights. This approach is effective only if you are interested in increasing power indicators, gaining muscle mass.

Approximate indicators and types of sugar consumed

For an average gym visitor whose workout duration is between one and a half and two hours, optimum the amount of sugar eaten during that time will be 30 grams. For those who play sports that require more than 3 hours to train, more than 90 grams may well be needed.


preferred combination of fast carbohydrates is a mixture of fructose and glucose. The fact is that when they are absorbed together by the gastrointestinal tract, assimilation occurs 2 times faster than individually. Conventionally speaking, having consumed such a mixture, in just a few minutes you will be able to continue training with new forces.


In the opposite case, if your goal is to burn excess fat, it is better to refrain from consuming sweets at training. The fact is, in this case, reduced sugar levels and depleted glycogen stocks will play into your hands. In this situation, fat burning is much more effective.

There are always people who have certain disorders in stabilizing normal blood glucose levels. Diabetics, people with insulin resistance should not resort to drinking fast carbohydrates during physical activity – this will only worsen the state of health.

To sum up, in many cases it is advisable to replenish the body’s stocks with regular consumption of sweet foods at training. This approach to training and eating will, in most cases, only suit healthy people who feel their sugar levels need to be raised.

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