What is polyathlon

Polyathlon – a peer of Russia

As a professional sport polyathlon (from the Greek words poly – lots and athlon – competition) was born not just in modern Russia, but also at the same time as the country — in 1992—1993. At the same time took place and the first CIS championship in Syktyvkar, and not too different in the composition of participants the World Cup in winter all-around. A year later the World Cup and Summer Polyathlon was held in Chernihiv. The

founder of polyathlon in Russia was Gennady Galaxonov, in 1989 elected president of the All-Union Association of all-around GTO, in 1993 he founded the All-Russian federation. He is now Vice President of the International Association.

The heir to the fame of the GTO

Polyathlon is the direct heir of the 60-plus years old complex of the GTO (“Ready to work and defense”). Once this complex was the country’s main system of physical education for people. Another of his “parent” can be considered the popular children’s all-around “Starts Hopes”.

In doing so, he not only retained his original military-applied focus, but also gathered together elements of several very popular sports disciplines at once. These include various athletics, skiing, rifle and pistol shooting, strength gymnastics, swimming and cycling. The age of participants in different groups varies from 7 to 90 years.

Summer and winter

In the winter polyathlon, two types are double and three-burner. They necessarily include skis, there are also air or small-caliber rifle shooting and power gymnastics (push-ups in women, pull-ups in men). The

summer all-around contains four species — the two-fight, three-fight, four-fight and pentathlon. All consist of compulsory sprint or stayer running, grenade throwing, swimming, bullet shooting and power gymnastics. Another type of summer polyathlon became the so-called ski-roller, which began to develop after the biathlon.

Stars of the Russian Polyathlon

The most famous Russian athlete, as a sport elected polyathlon, is the first ever world champion master of sports international class Nadezhda Popova from St. Petersburg. She won her gold at the 1993 Winter All-around Championships in Syktyvkar.

In the winter version great success was also achieved by absolute champion of the world of 2002 Nursilya Minigulova, world champions Natalia Emelina, Valentina Ryabova, Yuri Kovalev, Alexander Murogin, Igor Sedelnikov and world junior champion Mikhail Sharapov. But a special place in the history of polyathlon is occupied by the world champion from Tyumen Nina Dudochkina, who set the world record for push-ups from the platform — 164 times.

Curiously, the major of internal service from Tyumen Nina Dudochkina in 2013 for the fifth time became the winner of the All-Russian award of the Association of Law Enforcement Workers bodies and intelligence agencies of the country.$

The “star” structure of the Russian summer polyathlon includes five-time world champion honored master of sports Natalia Bogoslovskaya, as well as masters sports of the international class Natalia Blagova and Nina Kuznetsova.

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