How to train with a breast espander

In what cases can a chest espander be useful?
1. You left for a country house, to your parents in the village, and you don’t want to miss training.
2. You do not have time to go to training, as plans have changed, there have been unforeseen circumstances.
3. You just want to have a lighter workout.

Naturally, an espander does not replace a real workout with burdens, but it will perfectly help to support the form.
What can be done with the help of such a “trainer”? Yes absolutely any!
1. Imitation of the squeeze lying down. Lying on the floor, take an espander behind your back, hug yourself from your back and perform live movements with your hands. The exercise works out the pectoral and triceps.

2. Imitation of hand flexing with dumbbells. Hold the espander with one foot, that is, step on it and hold it so that it is in a tight state. The other side take your hand and perform arm flexion in your elbow joint. Exercise works out the biceps perfectly.

3. Imitation of French jim alternates with dumbbells. With one hand hold the espander behind your back, and with the other perform swings over your head in exactly the same way as a French standing press. Loads the triceps well.

4. Imitation of dumbbell thrust to the belt. It’s probably the easiest thing to come up with. With any foot step on one end of the inventory and, holding on to the other side, pull to the belt, having previously tilted the straight back forward.
These are examples of basic exercises that can be performed with a breast espander. You can also do any other exercises. Like deltas, trapezoids, forearms and stuff. Having shown a little fantasy, you can have a good workout at home.

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