How to combine cardio and strength training

Most fans of sports and healthy lifestyle believe that cardio develops endurance, strength training — strength, they do not interfere with each other in any way. This is partly the case, but there are many nuances that make such interoperability often not useful.

Harms and benefits of endurance development for strength training

It is worth noting that excessive development of slow muscle fibers — that is, those that respond in the body person for endurance, quite realistically can lead to a significant decrease in strength indicators, to a decrease in progress.

Studies contradict each other, several report that people spoke positively about progress in the gym when increasing cardio loads, others — about opposite result. This suggests that completely different groups of people with different physical data were taken.

If you take the example of experienced athletes — their strength only decreased with increasing endurance, it’s all about the features of the body of people who have hypertrophied muscle mass. Another example is physically untrained women — their lower body muscle mass increased due to normal running.

How to best train endurance to maintain strength

One of the best options in this case is high-intensity interval training while maintaining a large number of heart beats per minute. The point is to alternate types of load in intensity from smaller to greater.

The worst option will be monotonous, slow physical work. Power adaptation and muscle hypertrophy in this case will slow down significantly. This type of training process should be included only when there is work on burning fat, maintaining mass, retaining power indicators.

Frequency of training

If you want to keep good strength indicators in “rocking”, it is worth paying attention to this ratio: 2:1, 3:1. That is, if you have 2 strength training in a week – include one cardio training. It is also worth remembering that while maintaining strength should not be too keen on endurance work, do not more than 30-40 minutes of such loads.

Don’t do these two kinds of workouts right behind each other, it won’t lead to positive results. Try to separate them, preferably on different days in the training week. The whole point is that the abundance of lactic acid, the effects on slow muscle fibers can lead to a significant reduction in the result from training in the “hall.”

In summary, observe the periodization of cardio and strength training, when recruiting muscle mass do not abuse the development of endurance. Depending on your fitness level, pick up your own training schedule based on the above claims.

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