How to choose a treadmill;


Determine the type of treadmill. The canvas of the mechanical trainer rotates from the effort of the running man. Engage on such paths is not so comfortable: you have to put more effort, a higher load on knee joints is created, the canvas can move not smoothly, but jerks. The main advantages of such devices are low price, low weight, no need to waste electricity. Mechanical treadmills can be equipped with magnetic mechanisms that regulate the load and make the course of the canvas smoother. The electric treadmill is equipped with a motor that spins the canvas behind you, accordingly, you can set the speed of rotation and thus adjust the speed of running.


When buying an electric treadmill, you need to make sure that the power of its motor suits you. The maximum weight the track withstands depends on this power, as well as the loads it can provide. So, women with a minimum of excess weight, who are going to walk or run at a very slow pace, will suit a low-power track, and large men, athletes need more powerful.


On the treadmill you move on a rotating running cloth, its quality depends on the comfort of the workout. First, the canvas should be of sufficient size, the larger it is, the more comfortable you will be engaged, so perhaps do not save on this parameter. The canvas should provide good cushioning, otherwise you will have serious problems with the joints. Finally, the canvas refers to the consumables of the track, as it is gradually tackled: the higher the quality the canvas will be, the less often you will have to change it.


A good treadmill should be equipped with a control panel where you will not only be able to set the necessary training parameters, but also to follow your successes, to check your condition.

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