Forecast for Atalanta vs Parma football match

Today a very interesting football match will take place, FC “Parma” will host the most productive Serie A team – FC “Atalanta” at the stadium. The football club “Atalanta” has one of the best seasons in the history of the club, this season the players of the club were able to score 96 goals and concede only 45, such result is one of the best in Europe. As for Parma, the team is in the middle of the table, all players of the football club were able to score 51 goals to the opponent, but conceded one more goal – 52.

Last games of “Atalanta”

In the last 5 games, the team played 3 times in a draw and won 2 victories. One of the hardest games for FC Atalanta was the game against FC Juventus, the match took place on July 11, the game ended with a 2-2 no-one. If you look at the statistics and in general, how the team played with the leader and already the owner of the Italian league cup – Juventus, you can say that Juventus just got lucky, because Atalanta attacked more, created dangerous moments more. In the next match “Atalanta” just smeared their opponent – football club “Brescia”, the match took place on July 14 and ended with a score of 6:2 in favor of “Atalanta”. Already on July 18 “Atalanta” met FC Verona, the score was not the best – 1:1. On July 21 the team met at home FC Bologna, the score was minimal 1:0 in favor of “Atalanta . Atalanta had their final match against AC Milan, a team that is struggling to get to the Euro Cup. “Atalanta” controlled the game all match, but in the end the score was nothing – 1:1.

The last games of Parma

“Parma” already confidently secured in the middle of the standings, such a result suits team, but it would be good at the end of the season to show your character and win the remaining two games. For the last five games, the team won 2 victories, 2 losses, 1 draw. On July 12, “Parma” hosted FC Bologna at home, the score turned out to be nobody’s – 2:2. Already on July 15, the team lost to FC Milan, the score at the end of the match – 3-1. Also on July 19, Parma lost to Sampdoria with a score of 2:3. On 22 July, Parma managed to beat Napoli football club at home, the match ended with a score of 2-1. The last match of “Parma” was victorious, the team beat FC “Brescia”, the score on the screen – 2-1.

Outlook for Parma vs Atalanta

For the last 3 games between Atalanta and Parma FC Atalanta have won all 3 games. If you count the difference of goals in these 3 matches between the teams: Atalanta scored 11 goals, and Parma only – 1 goal in the opponent’s goal. If you also pay attention to the statistics of these 3 matches, you can see that Atalanta simply did not leave chances to their opponent. At the moment “Atalanta” takes the 3rd place in the standings, having 75 points, which is one point less than that of FC “Inter”. Atalante needs to win the 2 remaining games to count on the 2nd place in the table. Obviously, the match “Atalanta” – “Parma” will end in favor of “Atalanta”, but in football things happen.

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