Why its worth reading Vera Polozkov

In the heyday of the Internet on all sides it smells like snobbery. Slightly seeing something “unusual”, “talented” and “bright” society will find something to get involved. And Vera Polozkov is called by some as “the ruby of Russian poetry”. But don’t you think that in this criticism is so jaunty with envy. In modern times, earn poetry, publish books, give birth to three children and give concerts. It’s worthy of respect.

“ So helpless, So it is leleinated in the neck to exhale visavi: “Do not ruin! That’s how you joke about love!

I too would have shouted bravo Under the pennies Serenade seventh to the right Lord of my soul,

Or the twenty-second one on the list… and far to be in love in an acmeist way, In a fine art deco style.”

What’s so beautiful about her poems?

Lack of feminism.

Faith in writes “for girls o girl”. She brings back to the story a Woman with her problems, pain, suffering. And her concerts come the same: girls, girls, women – gentle, beautiful in their shortcomings.

“ Ya. Downbeat. Draw. Inconsequential as a sign. Awesome. Three creeks hair. He’s a girly grimace — Worry. Underestimating.

I am open to all winds, red-hot to chills. He eats cheesesteaks in the mornings, without grieving much.” – a quote from a poem. Polozkova.

In poetry you recognize yourself.

Polozkova’s poems are surprisingly vital, they’re about what’s next to us. Her poetry is contemporary, with phones, twitter, mortgages and credit cards neatly woven into rhymes of poems.

You read Faith and you see yourself. She speaks so awfully, so colourfully, revealing gaffes and mental wounds. And sometimes it is useful to suffer under her poems.

The reader sees in Faith himself, sees in it the embodiment of his thoughts and feelings, sometimes identifying himself with his idol.

You read Faith, and faith comes, and with it with company and hope with love. Many poems help figuratively speaking rise and go on.

“ that dots, and something scorched — winter was hard, and you still survived, though you don’t know why you lived, for some reason everyone won and everything could.” – quote from Polozkova’s poem.

Simplicity of language.

Poems Polozky are easy to read. You don’t think about every phrase for three hours. You don’t feel like in a literature class “What did the author want to say?”

Poems without pseudo-intelectality and frightened importance.

“ I am not a slave suit — be alert. I meet the requirements and GOSTAM. Just in your presence – on the click – I become stupider and lower growth.” – quote from Polozkova’s poem

But its place in Polozkov’s literature will still take: it is too consonant with her creativity to the soul of the reader.

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