Vladimir Chelomei: a brief biography

The beginning of the journey 

The history of modern cosmonautics goes horseback to the distant past. In order to go on a flight to the stars, you need to push away from Earth. Vladimir Nikolaevich Chelomey came to light on June 30, 1914 in an intelligent family. The parents at that time lived in the Polish town of Siedlec. Father and mother taught literacy and numeracy of children at the folk school. A month later World War I broke out and the family moved to the city of Poltava to relatives. Here the future academic got into a creative setting. Next door to the Chelomeys were the descendants of Russian classics Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin and Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol.

As a youth, Vladimir Chelomey’s good friend was Alexander Danilevsky, Pushkin’s great-great-grandson. After school, the young man entered the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute at the Faculty of Aircraft Engineering. Already in student years Vladimir Nikolaevich writes scientific articles, which are published in thematic collections. Two years after graduating from the institute, he defended his PhD thesis. When the war broke out, he was appointed head of a group at the Central Institute of Aviation Motor Engineering, which was involved in the creation of an air-jet engine.

At the forefront of science 

In the last months of the war, Chelomei was appointed chief designer of aviation plant in the Moscow region of Reutov. In the summer of 1946, the international setting changed dramatically after Winston Churchill’s notorious speech in the American state town of Fulton. In the Soviet Union had to respond adequately to this speech. We had to urgently adjust the strategic defense plans of the country and the direction of retaliatory strikes. It was during this period that Chelomei proposed the creation of an original kind of weapon, a sea-launched cruise missile.

In the mid-50s cruise missiles of different capacities began to enter service with ships of the Navy of the country. In the next stage of the construction of the missile and nuclear shield of the homeland, a high-power carrier was required to deliver a hydrogen bomb to the zone of probable warfare. And again Vladimir Nikolaevich generated a revolutionary idea. In the design bureau of Chelomey created a rocket carrier UR-500, which later began to bear the name ‚ÄúProton‚ÄĚ. With this carrier, communications satellites, interplanetary stations, spaceships of various purposes are put into Earth orbit.


recognition and personal life


the Motherland appreciated the contribution of academician Chelomey to the creation of the rocket and space complex of the country. He was twice awarded the honorary title Hero of Socialist Labour. The General Designer became a laureate of Lenin and three times the USSR State Prize.

Vladimir Chelomey’s personal life developed safely. He lived the whole conscious life with his wife Ninel Vasilyevna. Husband and wife raised and raised two children ‚ÄĒ a son and a daughter. Academician died of a heart attack in December 1984.

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