Popular Latin proverbs;

Latin sayings have been cited in many languages of the world for more than one century. There has long been no Roman Empire, but the literary creations (proverbs, aphorisms, expressions) of its writers are as eternal as Rome.

The significance of the Latin language

Centuries ago was considered by a rightfully educated person who knew how to write and speak in Latin, and also knew the famous works of antiques writers. Written in Latin the famous sayings of French mathematician and philosopher René Descartes: Thought therefore exists (Cogito, ergo sum). And today, Latin is used for much of the scientific terminology.

The most famous Latin expressions

Often proverbs, originally appearing in another language, were widely disseminated and popular after the Latin translation. Most often, Greek expressions were translated, because Greece is known to have captivated the conqueror. Below are the most famous winged expressions with translation into Russian.

Many sayings came into Latin from other languages.

Ad augusta per angusta – through the thorns to the stars. Everything that has value has to go the hard way. Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur – a true friend known in distress. Duabus sedere sellis – sit on two chairs.

Asinus Buridani inter duo prata – Buridan donkey between two glades. So it’s customary to talk about a person who can’t make a choice in any way. Auri montes polliceri – promise golden mountains. The winged phrase means ‚Äúto promise the impossible‚ÄĚ, and its appearance is linked to rumors of the unswept riches of the Persians. Allegedly the latter had mountains of pure gold.

De gustibus non est disputandum – about tastes are not argued. A very famous expression that came into the Russian language is just from Latin. Divide et impera – divide and conquer. A kind of ancient principle of governance. At all times, the rulers tried to divide the kindred peoples to keep them in obedience. Veni, vidi, vici – came, saw, won. An imperishable sayings of the famous Caesar used in everyday speech today.

Elephantem ex musca facere – make of elephant fly. Ex malis eligere minima – out of evils choose less. Ex ore parvulorom veritas – mouths of a baby verb the truth. Festina lente – hurry, take your time. In vino veritas – truth in wine. Ne credes aurum quidquid resplendet ut aurum – not all that gold that glitters. As they say, a whole pliiad of borrowing.

Many Russian proverbs are borrowed from Latin.

Latin gave the world many imperishable proverbs and aphorisms, many of which were borrowed into Russian as well. Latin though dead as a separate language, still continues to live in the works of great ancient and European writers and scholars.

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