Mstislav Keldysh: a brief biography

Starting conditions

by Academicians are not born. This rank is achieved by hard and fruitful work. Mstislav Vsevolodovich Keldysh did not aspire to high positions. Having an extraordinary intelligence, this man was engaged in solving pressing problems that had applied value. A vivid illustration of this is the solution of the flutter problem. The flutter effect, the sharp occurrence and increase of vibration, occurred during the flight of the aircraft and led to the destruction of the aircraft. Soviet aviation received reliable protection from a dangerous phenomenon, which allowed to save hundreds of aircraft and pilots.

The future academic came to light on February 10, 1911 in a noble family. At that time, the parents lived in the center of Lifland Governorate in Riga. His father, a professor, was involved in building structure calculations. In academia, he was called the “father of Russian reinforced concrete”. The mother, a hereditary noblewoman, was engaged in housekeeping and raising children. Mstislav turned out to be the fifth child and fourth son in the house. After him, two more girls appeared in the family. The boy was brought up in the best traditions of those years: studied foreign languages, trained to play piano, gained basic knowledge on the basics of art studies.

Space theorist

After the outbreak of World War I, the Keldysha family moved to Moscow. Mstislav graduated from school with a technical bias and wanted to be educated at a building institute. However, as a representative of the noble estate it was not accepted there. And then he joined the mathematics faculty of the Moscow State University. As a student, Keldysz attended special seminars which were held during after-hours hours. In 1931, the chartered mathematician was invited to work at the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI). Within the walls of this institute Mstislav worked for more than fifteen years.

Keldysh successfully solves the tasks that are set before him. He manages to brilliantly solve the problems that arose when making high-speed planes. For eliminating the “shimmy effect” that led to the destruction of the aircraft landing gear, the engineer received the Stalin Prize. In 1935 Keldysh was awarded the degree of Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences without the protection of the thesis. Through four all the developments of the leading specialist closed the grill “secret”. Few people knew that academician Keldysh was called a cosmonautics theorist in his circle of colleagues.

Recognition and personal life

Motherland highly appreciated the contribution of Mstislav Vsevolodovich Keldysh to the development of science and defense capabilities of the country. He has been awarded the honorary title Hero of Socialist Labour three times. The academician received one Lenin and two Stalin prizes.

Personal life of the scientist and the organizer of science developed safely. He married once and for the rest of his life. Husband and wife raised and raised a son and a daughter. Mstislav Keldysh died in June 1978. He is buried at the Kremlin Wall in Moscow.

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