How the expression “apple strip” originated


“Apple of Discord” is a euphemism leading its own genus, like many other winged expressions, from Greek mythology. According to legend, Zeus, who feared the prophecy according to which the son of the goddess Thetis was to overthrow her, gave the daughter of the titan Ocean for the mortal tsarevich Peleus. The wedding was held in the cave of the centaur Chiron, a friend of the groom, and many gods were called to the celebration. Not at work was the goddess of discord Eridus. Knowing her very unpleasant nature, she was not invited.


Angry Erida wandered near the cave where the fun was going, pondering how her revenge on the abusers. And it came to her mind a very elegant decision. She tossed an apple on the holiday table with the words “Lovest.”


Apple was noticed by three beautiful goddesses — Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, and each thought that the fruit should belong to her. The goddesses appealed to Zeus to resolve their dispute, but the thundering god did not make such a responsible choice, but he reinstructed Hermes to accompany the goddesses with an apple to Mount Ida, on the slope of which grazed herds paris.


Each of the goddesses, wishing to pull the young man on his side, began to promise him various benefits. Hera promised power, Athena — wisdom and ability to wield weapons perfectly. But most of all, the young man liked Aphrodite’s promise to give him the love of the most beautiful of women. Therefore, Paris handed the apple to Aphrodite and thereby incited the wrath of the other two goddesses.


Aphrodite did not deceive Paris. She told him to sail to Sparta, where Elena lived — the most beautiful of mortal women. Only Elena was already married to the king of Sparta Menelaus. Paris seduced the girl and talked her into running with him, which the lovers did. However, Menelaus did not forgive the betrayal and moved the war on Troy. After bloody battles, Paris’ birthplace fell. So apple became the indirect cause of the destruction of the mighty and prosperous city.

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