How the Earth will change in 2017


The first “fearmonger” is an imminent greenhouse effect. The current concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by 30%. This stimulates climate change, the decline of fresh water supplies, the destruction of food chains, and as a result, the disappearance of many forms of life on land and in water. At the same time, there is a rapid growth of harmful microorganisms, weeds and the emergence of other most adaptable and unpretentious forms of life. Scientists warn that in the period 2047-2069 earthlings are waiting for radical climate changes, the consequences of which will last another 5 million years.


At the heart of the second forecast is the theory of displacement of Earth’s magnetic poles. Based on ancient chronologies and modern research, scientists have determined that over many thousands of years, Earth’s magnetic pole has periodically shifted relative to geographical. Now its speed is 10 km/year. The planet is gradually demagnetized, at about 0.5% over 10 years. This is fraught with changes in the direction of ocean currents and the failure of mechanical and biological navigation systems, with many unpleasant consequences.


There are numerous other predictions based on increased Sun activity, gradual cooling of Earth’s core, tectonic changes, the impact of some cosmic bodies on the trajectory of Earth’s motion and the intrusion of others.$ There is a sense that danger is simultaneously looming from all sides, as if driving the inhabitants of the Earth into a deaf corner.


In addition to scientific theories, there is also a metaphysical known as the “Quantum Transition”. It states that the planet itself enters a field of high vibrations, the growth of which has continued over the last years (from 7.8 Hz in 1995 to 14.45 Hz in 2013). Upon reaching the level of 19 Hz, there will be a quantum leap — the transition to a new 4-dimensional dimension. Humans will acquire transparent bodies, altered consciousness and a completely new, unparalleled plan of existence. Now everyone has to make a choice: leave everything as it is, and subsequently relocate to another 3-dimensional planet, or change their worldview now, let spirituality into their life and evolve further.

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