Why 28 wedding anniversary

Nickel wedding traditions Nickel wedding

are not accepted to celebrate. During this period, the couple are believed to be experiencing quite serious and difficult trials in family life. According to psychologists, these difficulties do not depend on the couple’s age, namely the number of years lived. But it is during this period that spouses are given the opportunity to live “for themselves”, to devote time to the realization of unfulfilled dreams.

Now they can fall in love with their soulmate again, show tenderness and weasel to each other.

There is also a popular opinion that the couple on the twenty-eighth wedding anniversary should not forget about each other and give “shine” to the relationship. Otherwise, their family life is threatened by the same darkening as nickel metal. Nickel has magnetic properties, so spouses marking the 28th anniversary have to reach for each other. Good, time for this to become enough, as the children are likely to have grown up, and the grandchildren do not take much time.

How to prepare for a nickel wedding

Since the 28th anniversary is not celebrated, it is not necessary to arrange a chic holiday. However, if the spouses decide to cover the table, there is nothing reprehensible about it. Due to the fact that the date is “not round”, it is best to mark it in a narrow circle of relatives and loved ones. Well, if the couple decide to dedicate this day to each other, it would also be a good option for this wonderful event.

In this case, you can go to the theater or to the screening of your favorite film, and then arrange a romantic dinner by candlelight.

Gifts on this day can be given absolutely different character. Everything depends on the desire of the person giving the gift, but the most thematic items will be made of nickel. Household appliances, bedding, accessories will always supplement the list of intended gifts. Well, and of course, no celebration is done without a bouquet of flowers and a cake with a temetic inscription. It is not customary only to give items made of wood and paper on this day. Gifts made by their own hands will be relevant. They will always express the warmth of the creator’s hands.

Children can present as a gift a voucher for two to the sea or to the sanatorium. In this way, they will please parents and show concern for their health.

The most important thing on this day is to express love and joy to the perpetrators of the celebration. After all, people who have created a family and kept warm to a friend for 28 years are worthy of praise and admiration.

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