Where in Russia there are sandy beaches

Beaches of the Black Sea

Crimea are so loved by many holidaymakers precisely for its excellent sandy beaches. Clean water and bottom without sharp stones is another reason why holidays in Crimea will be very comfortable.

The best are considered the beaches of Donuzlaw. Sand protects the coastline from all sorts of damage, such as blurs and faults, so the integrity of these beaches is legally protected: it is forbidden to take sand from there for any purpose. The beaches of Donuzlav start from the village of Mirny and stretch towards Yevpatoria on one side, and on the other – to Baikal Spit. Localities which are located on the gentle beaches of Donuzlava: Chornomorskoye, Olenevka, Zaozernoye, Popovka, Novo-Fedorovka, Stormovoye, Mizhvodnoye, also in this territory there is a Cape Tarkhankut. The beaches of Kalamite Bay are considered to be the best for relaxing with children, as the water in them warms up quickly and they are quite shallow.

If you prefer a beach holiday with a tent, then go to the villages of Olenevka or Mizhvodne. But remember, these are places for those who prefer green tourism. People keep an eye on the cleanliness of the places where they break up camp.

The sandy beaches in Krasnodar Krai are located in the area of the locality of Anapa. The sand is so very beautiful, golden and fine, and also very clean. The beaches in Jemet are also a great option for relaxing with children, as the bottom there is pretty hollow. The word “jemete” itself means “golden sands”. The

Caspian Sea, Azov Sea and Baltic Sea


Azov is very shallow, and its entire coast is sandy. Also this sea is very warm. The

Caspian Sea is also famous for its sandy beaches. The best sandy beaches are in the Volga Delta, where Astrakhan stands. There are often thermal springs near the beaches.

A very beautiful beach is located on the Baltic Sea – it is the Curonian Spit in Kaliningrad. The beach is very wide and the sand is shallow and light. Surround this splendor pine forests. But the bathing season doesn’t last long.

Lake beaches

Sand beaches are characteristic of lakes, on which some prefer the sea. The most famous lake in Russia is Baikal. Beautiful Baikal dunes, long wide beaches, clean water… The only minus is that the water in Baikal is quite cold, the lake warms up for pleasant bathing not every year.

Lake Onega in Karelia has very beautiful sandy beaches. They are small, but occur constantly.

Seliger — this place has become very popular as a tourist area. There are many beaches around the lake. There are both budget and luxury accommodation options.

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