Whats the name of a wedding at 28

The happiest day – wedding

Girls since childhood know that the happiest day of their lives is a wedding. Men aren’t usually that eager for him. But by certainly making an offer to their chosen choice, and they feel happy. On their wedding day, the newlyweds think about what life will be like, hope they will be together for many years or even forever.

However, newlyweds sometimes face unplanned harsh weekdays. Statistically, very many marriages break up in the first year of living together. The

more valuable is the experience of people who have made no mistake in their choices and have lived together for more than one decade. Over the years of living together, they have learned to appreciate and understand, to forgive each other. Each year for these people is a holiday, the anniversary of their life together: they lived together for another 1 year, during this year they became even closer.

Happy spouses don’t forget the date of their marriage. Previously, it was customary to celebrate only the first year of life in marriage and round dates. Particularly solemn were the anniversaries 25 years after the nuptials, when the silver wedding was celebrated, and 50 years later, on the day of the golden wedding.

Nickel is a symbol of the fortress of feelings

Maybe because the number of divorces has increased, every year lived together has become more appreciated. Now every year has its name. So, the wedding, celebrated after 28 years of living together, began to be called nickel.

Metal nickel is solid and durable, it is well polished and has magnetic properties, that is, it has just the qualities that the marriage of the spouses celebrating wedding anniversary.

Usually on this day, the perpetrators of the celebration gather friends and relatives. The holiday, which began for them 28 years ago, continues, but now their children, and sometimes their grandchildren, are beside them. Now the couple are confident in each other, they managed to raise children, build a house and plant a tree. This time there is a real reason for joy and fun.

How to mark 28 years of weddings

On the 28th anniversary of the wedding as well as on the day of the wedding, greet guests, arrange a feast, hold competitions and accept congratulations.

Sometimes the couple are given gifts that will be passed on in their family from generation to generation. A solid pedigree book in a leather binding decorated with nickel will open on the day of weddings and childrens’ anniversaries.

What wedding does without gifts? Usually relatives give what is most necessary to the family, but for a nickel wedding it is customary to give – as it can be understood from its name – a nickel. It can be, for example, tableware, candlestick, cigar case or some jewelry made of this metal.

28 years – the anniversary is not round, before it was not celebrated at all. But for happy spouses, it’s a meaningful date, and they’re sure to mark it.

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