Whats best to give to a girl

What to give to a girl? This question before every holiday is asked a lot of guys. Flowers, sweets can only be a pleasant addition to the main surprise. And his choice should be taken seriously.

A gift of beauty

About 90% of girls care about their appearance, and therefore will be happy to present, which will make them even more groomed. For more than a year, one of the most popular beauty products is a brush for spa massage and face cleansing. It is suitable for any type of skin and looks very cute. Such “assistants” actively advertise show business stars and bloggers.

The certificate in a good spa will also give the birthday girl a lot of positive emotions. Just don’t choose an anti-cellulite course. That would hurt the woman of the beautiful sex. It’s better to sign up for treatments such as wrap, massage, beauty bath or even steam relaxation programs. A similar joint vacation will be remembered by both.


If the girl is energetic, bold and loves active recreation, she will surely have to liking the skydive. Only before choosing such a gift will you have to unobtrusively find out if she is afraid of heights. If this is among the sweetheart’s phobias, a surprise like this can spoil the holiday.

Certificate for the cycle of boxing classes is a great option. Whatever girls are gentle creatures, they will definitely taste such training.


If you are an adventurer, you can use craft coupons with desires. Better to give preference to manual work. This will give the gift an exclusive touch. But making such a presentation, you will have to be ready for everything. After all, the desires in coupons can be different – from a harmless kiss or going to a movie and a restaurant, to the most daring experiments.

Passion dance lesson from a successful mentor. Get a choreographic hour for the two of you. It is clear that in one lesson it is impossible to learn the basics of Latin American dance, but the emotions will be incredible.

Tricky move

If time was aimlessly missed and with the choice of gift undecided, then you can be smarted. You will need a round vase and some beautifully decorated leaves. They need to write the names of different gifts. And then the main way is it is necessary to tell the birthday girl that you are ready to give her a whole world and any gift that will indicate fate. And here her fragile pen is already sinking into the vase, with excitement, awe retrieves a cherished leaf with a future gift. Whatever the inscription is caught, this moment will be remembered for a long time!

It is important to remember that the perfect addition to any gift will be a bouquet of favorite flowers. If the lady of heart loves sweet, then you just have to give her a “chocolate day”.

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