What to give to a man-deve

If you find it lucky to have a relationship with the Virgin — be sure that you can please him by giving a set of screwdrivers, wristwatch, super-drill, umbrella, tie or headphones for the holiday. All this will greatly please your man and undoubtedly come in handy in the farm.

Remember about age

Another question is that when choosing a gift for any man, including the Virgin, it is necessary to remember some nuances. That is, of course, age. Perhaps twenty year old guy deva as a gift, will suit a digital camera fashion headphones, flash modem or MP3 player. But, agree, if your man is far beyond fifty, he is unlikely to appreciate an ultra-modern, however very useful, gadget.

It is

necessary to remember that people of a solid age love everything stable, love nostalgic. It is imperative to take this into account when choosing a gift for a male maiden.


Second nuance — sphere of activity. For example, your husband is a professional driver. Gifted by you tie, cufflinks, organizer, high-end office supplies will cause him surprise, it’s at a minimum. Give him fogs, subwoofer, anti-radar, anti-theft system or high-quality “no-hassle” – these useful things will cause your man only positive emotions.

Another example, your man spends all his time organizing his own business, eating little, and hardly sleeping. Time is always running short, because debugging some crucial business processes is really not easy. A set of excellent screwdrivers and screwdrivers, as a gift, will be very out of the way. In this case, there will be a discount (discount) card for the services of “home masters” – plumbing, electrician, masters in repair of household appliances.


What it is necessary to think about while buying a gift to the Virgin Man, is about his outlook, upbringing, creed, attitude to people and subjects. Give up at once, such gifts, which your men think are unacceptable.

It is very important to know your man and understand his needs, regardless of his Zodiac sign.

Suppose your man is a convinced communist patriot of the old Soviet hardening. In this case, even 100 percent cotton of the highest quality T-shirt with the image of the American flag, carefully ordered by you on the Internet from the USA, is not suitable. Here’s an owl. Give a Seagull wristwatch or at least a good copy of it – and please it for sure.

Lovely women, do not forget that men are great aesthetes, they are fundamentally important not only what is in your gift, but also how you presented it and how you look at it. Spending time looking for a gift, leave a couple of hours to yourself, go to the salon, do a new styling, buy new lingerie…

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