What color to choose for wedding decoration

Principles of choice of wedding colors

 The choice of wedding color depends on several factors. First, all groom and bride preferences are taken into account. Sometimes the color decision may be due to the couple’s wedding outfits or to the newlyweds” favorite color.

 Also, the color palette of the upcoming celebration is closely related to the style of the holiday. If the wedding is themed, the stylistics determine the color solution. For example, a seaside celebration involves the use of blue, blue or azure color in the decoration. “The Indian Tale” is hard to imagine without bright colors and gold.

Fashion wedding trends also play an important role. Every season has their favourites.

Classic Blue

Deep Blue is a classic noble color that is perfect for wedding decoration. It is usually used together with white color, skillfully arranging decorative accents.

Very popular are all kinds of shades of blue: blue, azure, sapphire, cornflower.


Style Wedding Color Tiffany

has taken the lead in wedding colors for more than one year. This delicate mint-turquoise shade is chosen to decorate their weddings by thousands of brides around the world.

The celebration, decorated in Tiffany’s colour, looks exquisite, luxurious and modern. When decorated, it is usually diluted with white color.

Silver accents in the interior are also acceptable.

Berry mix

Berry color and its shades are a good option for decorating summer weddings. This design looks bright, fresh and original.

The summer mood and the general style of the holiday can also be emphasized by elements in the clothes of the newlyweds: the color of the shoe or belt on the dress, the bouquet of the bride made of berry shades.

Pink story

Many perceive pink as a “children’s story.” This is not exactly the case, because there is a lot of beautiful and delicate shades of pink, which are great for the decoration of the celebration.

Weddings decorated in pastel-pink colors look tender and very romantic. Florists at summer “pink weddings” usually use peonies or peonid roses, making the holiday even more airy and organic.

Natural colors

If the bride and groom arrange a wedding in an open space and want to make it as close to nature as possible, it is worth preferring green and woody shades .

Greenery, wood and stone in a competent combination look stylish and eco-friendly. The design uses not only natural colors, but also natural materials: wood, glass, flowers and plants.

Ivory style classics

Adherents of old respectable classics will like decorating the wedding in ivory color. It is a warm muted white, similar to a cream hue or “coffee with milk” color.

Ivory symbolizes tenderness, boldness and nobility. Holiday in this style looks solid, elegant and refined. The basic color is usually diluted with similar shades and make pearl or gold accents in the decoration.

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