Pleasant little things for a wedding

  • The most important and necessary accessory, of course, glasses for newlyweds. A pair of glasses for the bride and groom should be special, conform to the style and character of the wedding.
  • A good addition to the wedding glasses on the table will be a bottle of champagne decorated in the same style. Champagne is a symbol of celebration and carefree happiness that fits perfectly into the wedding menu and scenery. Recently, it became popular to decorate a couple of bottles in the form of a bride and groom. This option is also very interesting and original.
  • Lighting the home hearth can be a real decoration of the celebration. It’s a spectacular and moving ritual. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare three candles beforehand. Two thin candles are needed for the symbolic parental hearth, and one the most beautiful and voluminous is needed for a kind of home hearth of young spouses.
  • The pad for rings is an integral attribute of any wedding. The shape can be absolutely any: heart, rectangular, square. Size doesn’t matter either. But it is better to choose after the purchase of rings, because it is very important that they look harmoniously and well on the pad.
  • Garter of the bride, but to throw it will be the groom to his unmarried friends… that’s how interesting it turns out). A particular furore will cause the way he will remove the garter from the bride’s leg. But you can get by just throwing.
  • More and more modern brides decide to buy for the wedding not one, but two bouquets, a main and a double, and there are many reasons for this. A bouquet or whatever it is called a false bouquet. Can be artificial or from living flowers. Here is more a matter of convenience. Not all flowers will survive the flight to the girlfriends at the end of the celebration, many decorative elements are unsafe and, finally, not every bride will agree to give someone with such love selected and composed composition. After all, the bouquet-dubler is another tradition that has emerged relatively recently, but has already managed to love.
  • The

  • chest is a piggy bank. What about without him? It has long become a tradition that the best gift is money. More often and more often, instead of large heavy boxes with gifts, guests bring small “valuable” envelopes. The wedding chest will be the first family contribution.

You can also add to this list: folder for marriage certificate, wish book, bracelets for bridesmaids, boutonnières and butterflies to the groom’s friends, but I think the basic details have already been highlighted. Keep a positive mood and do not worry about trifling. You’ll do it!

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