Patagonia – the intricacies of tourism


intricacies of tourism: how to get to Patagonia

Patagonia belongs to two states — Chile and Argentina. The first country took Los Lagos, Magallanes, Aysen, and the second one took Santa Cruz, Chubut, Río Negro. You can go to any area to your liking, and it’s best to rent a car and visit several different cities at once to see more attractions and better relax.

However, you need to get to Patagonia first. Doing this is more difficult than it seems at first glance, since transport there goes mostly from Argentina, while in other countries there are not even plane flights to the cities of Patagonia. The best option is to get to Buenos Aires first. From there you can take the plane to several large cities in Patagonia, including Bariloche, Trelev, Calafate and Neugen. If you are not in a hurry, you can also choose a bus flight: you will have to go longer, but you will see the beauty of nature from the window. Please also note that from one city of Patagonia to another can be reached by Chilean airlines.

What is worth seeing in Patagonia

If you want to visit the beach, it is not necessary to go to Turkey or Egypt. Patagonia has stunning beaches — there you can see not only beautiful shells, but also penguins and even sea lions. A particularly striking impression on tourists is usually made by the beach of La Vicera. There you can see wonderful animals and relax perfectly. Sea lions and penguins can even be fed if you are careful enough. Of course, doing it is better under the supervision of a professional.

One of the most important subtleties of tourism is, of course, the choice of what to buy in memory of the holiday. Patagonia sells stunning leather items including clothes, shoes, accessories. It is also worth paying attention to the original decorations in the ethnic style. Finally, be sure to buy wool things — Patagonia has been famous for many years.

In Patagonia, tourists do not sit in hotels, each of them chooses a holiday to taste – more late or interesting. If you preferred the second option, by all means take a train journey to the Pipo River and Macarena Falls. During this journey, you can visit Tierra del Fuego Park and even get to know the Yamanas Indians under the supervision of a tour guide. Such a stunning adventure will give you a lot of very pleasant experiences and memories.

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