How to properly pick a bride shoes at a wedding

The main criteria for choosing wedding shoes

 Wedding shoes should be comfortable, high-quality and combined with the dress. Do not make sacrifices for beauty, because in this shoe the bride has to spend the whole festive day, and the pain from the legs torn in the blood can cloud the joy of the celebration.

Measure your shoes in the afternoon, as closer to evening the legs swelling slightly. In this case, the chosen shoe will not press much even in heat. Buy shoes in advance so you have time at home to carry them out a little bit.

Wedding shoes should be of quality. Genuine leather shoes will allow the legs to “breathe” and reduce fatigue from prolonged wear. A good summer version – ballet flats made of fabric materials.

Do not focus only on the cost of goods. The high price is not yet a guarantee of the perfect shoes, but frankly cheap shoes should be wary of you. Stick to the “golden middle” and will be able to pick up shoes to your liking and budget.

If possible, buy two pairs of wedding shoes at once. High-heeled shoes are for a solemn check-in and photo shoot, and a simpler and more convenient option – for continuing the holiday, walking and dancing.

Uniform image

Wedding shoes should complement the overall image of the bride. The classic dress with a lush skirt will come with heeled shoes, the modest outfit in the style of retro – model boats, and for an open light summer dress buy sandals. If the bride has chosen an Empire style wedding dress, Greek-style sandals will complement her look perfectly.

To comply with the uniform color scheme, take a sample of fabric from the wedding dress to the shoe store.

It is good if the wedding dress and the shoes will have the same or similar decorative elements. For example, if the outfit features lace, let the shoes be “lace” too.

It is better not to buy shoes with rhinestones or large stones, especially if the bride has a long dress. Jewelry will inevitably cling to the hem and can spoil the outfit.

To make the foot look graceful, prefer shoes with a rounded cape. If you want to make your foot visually thinner, choose a pointy toe shoe.

Very high heels are better to refuse, the celebration should not be marred by tired and heated feet. Prefer graceful but more sustainable shoes.

A great solution is to buy shoes that you will be able to wear after the wedding, in which case even the high price will pay off the long-term durability of their socks. You can find good wedding shoes not only in specialized salons, in regular shoe stores there are also good options.

Test drive

Be sure to arrange a wedding shoe test drive. Even a few devices will not give full confidence in the quality and convenience of shoes.

A few days before the wedding, gently wear your shoes. No need to walk in them down the street, it’s just enough to carry them around the house every day for one or two hours.

It will not be unnecessary on the wedding day to put a leuko-patch in your handbag, even if the shoe successfully passed preliminary tests, it can come in handy.

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