How to organize a medieval-style wedding

Organization of the celebration

 The organization of the celebration includes many moments. You need to think through all the nuances: from wedding images of the bride and groom to seating of guests.

You can do the device of the holiday, but it is better to resort to the help of the wedding organizer. The best option is to work together with a specialist, bring all your ideas and preferences to him, and then coordinate their implementation.

 Guests must be warned in advance. Send them an invitation and a program in which to describe the theme of the wedding evening. It will help them navigate more easily in what is happening. Make a description of the outfits of that period and ask to dress appropriately.

One of the interesting solutions is the presentation of invitational cards in the form of vintage scrolls with surwort printing.

Wedding images The wedding images

of the bride and groom play an important role and define the whole style of the celebration.

Medieval outfits fascinate with their grace and beauty. A long veil, a luxurious dress and a train that stretches for a few meters behind the bride will delight guests. And if you add a few little girls who will stick to the plume from the dress and the fatu – it will be just a fairy tale!


groom may be dressed in a suit stylized to a medieval outfit. You can beat the image of a knight in sparkling armor. But in this case you will need a second costume, as to spend the whole holiday even in butaforan armor will not be very comfortable.

Place of celebration

In advance, you should decide on the room for the wedding. For the feast in medieval style suitable buildings that imitate this era: an ancient estate, an unusual mansion or even a real castle. It all depends on the financial possibilities of the couple in love.


will not be difficult to rent such buildings, the main thing is to deal with this issue as early as possible, because such places are in high demand.

If you remove an ancient building for the evening of celebration not “for your pocket”, you can organize a holiday in the park, on the shore of the lake or a quiet river. Take some marquees for hire and massive wooden tables with benches.

The walls can be decorated with butaphore coats of arms, knight helmets, shields and swords. Not a bad idea is to supplement the medieval design with stuffed animals and birds.

Don’t forget about dishes, hardly in the Middle Ages spruce from porcelain sets. Iron goblets and wooden plates fit perfectly into a given style.

Separately worth mentioning and medieval cuisine. At the time, it consisted of meat dishes: fried pigs and lambs — the main course at medieval celebrations. Also don’t forget to include bread, cheese, wine, lots of fruits and vegetables on the menu.


Consider the issue of musical design, hire harpist, lute and mandolin. As early as this period can include musical instruments such as flute, bagpipes, guitar, viola, drums and horn.

If necessary, live music can be replaced with contemporary thematic compositions. They can easily be found on the internet in large numbers.

Invite professional artists. The performance of “jesters” will cheer and amuse guests.

The main entertainment number of the celebration can become a knighthood tournament, where the brave knights who want to win the love and admiration of their beautiful ladies.

 For the entertainment finale, book a fiery show.

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