Why would a person general

Formation of human society Human

society would not exist without communication, because it is thanks to it that contact between individuals and whole classes. In no sphere of activity and life can be done without communication. It is necessary, even if a person is self-contained and unwilling to communicate.

Primitive person appeared with facial expressions, gestures, which later affected the development of speech, the appearance of concepts, designations and names of subjects. Communication is the core of society, society. The importance of communication cannot be appreciated. It is thanks to him that the character, the psyche of the person, takes place his formation as a person. It is communication that distinguishes human beings from other beings on Earth. Thanks to him, people understand and perceive each other. Communication helps to establish contacts, exchange of information. A person can take advantage of experience or share it.

The natural need of man

Communication is a natural need of man, which has been formed through life in society. The person lives in the collective: family, school or student class, production team. Without communication, it is impossible to develop, socialize, cultural enrichment. Mowgli – people who grew up outside human society can serve as an example. All processes in the body occur normally in them, but there is a lag in mental and mental development. It’s a consequence of lack of communication with people

Fear of communication – sociophobia

At first glance there is nothing difficult in the process of communication. But not everyone is given it with ease. There is sociophobia, it manifests in those who cannot easily talk to people, are afraid to engage in dialogue, feel strong excitement, stutter, lock up. With such fear it is very difficult to live in society, it becomes the subject of ridicule, unfulfilled in career and personal life. The first problems arise in adolescence. This is the most difficult period when the first steps into adulthood are taken. If society negatively accepted a person, then it affects further, the person begins to be afraid to communicate.

In order not to become a pariah, one must master the art of communication. A sociable person is always well received in companies, it is easy to find common ground with, there is something to talk about. It is especially important at work in joint activities, when you need to contact, discuss, analyze any projects.

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