Why perfectionism is harmful to health

Perfectionism is not among mental deviations. Furthermore, this character trait can be viewed, both positively and negatively. And some people pride themselves on being perfectionists.

Perfectionism can cause both positive changes in life and negative ones. For example, striving for an ideal helps achieve success. But on the other hand, because of the presence of this trait hunting in everything to achieve only perfect results.

What other dangers does perfectionism hold?

Constant stress and depression

Perfectionist not only from himself, but also from surrounding people waiting for the maximum result. Other options for him simply don’t exist. The owner of this character trait can be safely considered a fighter for perfection. Because of this, he debilitates himself physically. Often gives up sleep to achieve what is desired. Constantly trying to improve his work. The perfectionist is simply incapable of understanding that there is nowhere better. Or it just isn’t necessary.

Living in such a regime leads to constant stress. The perfectionist wants to perform everything on 5 plus, because of what pressures himself, criticizes his own work. Sometimes just pulls with completing the task to the last. As a result, you have to work in a hard mode, practically forgetting about sleep and rest. All this has a negative impact on health.

Perfectionism can cause depression. The owner of this difficult trait constantly tries to control both his actions and emotions. And the latter it simply locks up and does not give the slightest opportunity to escape outward. Over time, all this becomes the cause of depression, apathy.

The lack of self-confidenceĀ 

Perfectionists are cared for by their own lapses. Mistakes to criticize yourself for. Even the most minor miss perfectionist can inflate to a world-wide problem.

Confidence in one’s own capabilities in such a situation should not be talked about. The perfectionist instantly kills her with criticism. He will notice an error even if at first glance everything is executed perfectly.


on the result prevents perfectionists from living and enjoying the process even if they are engaged in a favorite business. People with a similar character trait lose a lot. They instantly forget all previous successes. Such people don’t know how to rejoice in little things. Also, perfectionists are constantly afraid of gaffes. Is it worth saying that they will always find the opportunity to make a mistake and then punish themselves for it?

Total should be in moderation. The benefit in perfectionism is there. But there’s a lot more harm. This feature of character only prevents you from developing and living the full life. Therefore, it is desirable to get rid of perfectionism as quickly as possible. Either reduce its exposure to a minimum.

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