Why dont we do what we want

We refuse to do what we want. And this has been faced with for once in their lives. Over time, there is frustration in yourself. We start blaming our willpower for the fact that it simply doesn’t exist. This leads to insecurity and indecision. So what prevents us from succeeding in fulfilling our own desires?

Banal fear

Perhaps a man is just afraid. Fear can make you move, do something, realize your desires. But it has the opposite effect as well. It is able to brake even if an ingenious plan has been drawn up or a posh idea has been invented.

The man is just afraid to be wrong. He doesn’t want to face setbacks, criticism from people around him, ridicule. Because of fear, he gives up his own dream.

What should you know about in this situation?

  1. Absolutely all people are afraid. But at the same time there are always those who move towards the dream in spite of everything.
  2. Fear is a benchmark that will indicate that it is necessary to refine and correct in itself.
  3. Fear must learn to win.
  4. In most cases, false beliefs are at the heart of fear. We need to find limiting installations and get rid of them. If it does not work independently, it is recommended to seek help from a psychologist.

Craving for perfection

Why don’t we do what we want? The reason may lie in perfectionism. Because of the desire to do everything perfectly we are able to completely abandon the dream. In most cases, it’s better to do with mistakes than not take any action at all.

The perfectionist is an internal critic who is always dissatisfied. The perfect result for it simply doesn’t exist.

To begin to act in such a situation, it is necessary to identify for yourself the criteria by which it is possible to understand what have achieved necessary result. In your actions, the specifics should be visible to appease the inner perfectionist.

Maybe it’s not the wish

Why don’t we do what we want? Very often as an excuse you can hear that just laziness. But it doesn’t really exist. The usual reluctance hides beneath laziness. Perhaps you just don’t hunt to fulfill your desires.

Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to understand whether these desires are true or they have been imposed by society. End up either implement them, or opt out. The main thing is, don’t keep to yourself

A few more reasons

  1. We constantly compare ourselves to other people. Against the background of their successes, our desires may seem worthless. Accordingly, they should not be implemented.
  2. Lots of other business. Perhaps because of the work on realization of desires, there is just not enough time. In this situation, it is necessary to take up planning. Make a clear timeline of your affairs. Find a wish-space in it.
  3. Constant search. In some cases, we do not begin to realize our desires, because we think we have not collected all the information yet, received insufficient knowledge. In this situation, it is necessary to simply start acting in parallel with training.
  4. Other people’s opinion. All the information is collected, the plan is scheduled, the actions are calculated, but we do not proceed to implementation. Why? We can care about the opinion of other people, their mistakes, recommendations, feedback. That’s stupid. It is best to be interested in people’s opinions when desires have already been realized.

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