Whether “an excellent complex” is dangerous

The essence of the excellent complex

If in childhood the child was told that he should be the best in everything, get only excellent marks in all subjects, manage and in general education, both in music, art, and in sports school, a boy or girl can develop an excellent complex. Having grown up, instead of befriending themselves, such people continue to make inflated demands on themselves.

At first, a person strives to be ahead of everyone to please parents, and then tries to do everything perfectly according to habit. Unsurprisingly, failures or even minor misses can cause severe disorder, stress and panic in an individual with an excellent complex, while another person in his place would simply shrug shoulders and would continue his life path.

In the subconscious of the owner of the syndrome the idea that he needs to be constantly evaluated — to others or himself — and that only by the results of such examinations he can count on love, recognition and respect or not. Such people tend to doubt their own rightness, self-doubt, understated self-esteem, reflection, and self-digging.

Carriers of the excellent complex do not even admit to thinking that are worthy of all benefits in themselves.

The danger of

the complex This complex is dangerous because a person is never happy with himself. Having achieved one goal, he sets himself a new bar above the former. He is constantly in suspense, towards something striving or tormenting himself for misses. So much time and effort goes to make everything perfect that almost nothing remains to just live.

Not only that, a person with an excellent syndrome can spread his habit of being unnecessarily critical not only to his persona, but also to others around him. The spouse or spouse of such a person is targeted for remarks and demands, and children are more miserable.

It is natural that they may subsequently develop the same complex.

But the person with this complex delivers the most torment to himself. He cannot take pleasure in the process, as he only cares about the outcome. Such people cannot enjoy the present moment and are rarely happy. The constant race for perfection, an unattainable ideal gives them no rest.

He is often tormented by fear of error or failure, because he does not recognize the right to any wrongdoing. Conditions of constant stress and non-release guilt have an inexorable effect on health as well. Headaches and insomnia, eating disorders and neurosis can become permanent companions of the carrier of the excellent complex.

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