What causes constant undersleep and how to improve the quality of the sleep


body needs a full sleep. It’s important just like air or food. During sleep in the body there is a huge number of processes that have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the body, brain activity.

Many studies have been carried out. Scientists have been able to prove that because of constant undernapping, the risk of early death increases. At about 12%. If you regularly sleep less than 6 hours, you can cause significant damage to your body.

Which leads to constant undernapping Hunting

  1. constantly yawning, even if only half an hour has passed since waking. At the same time, no energy or coffee help to cheer up. The presence of constant sleepiness is a serious sign of not sleeping. All of this could eventually develop into chronic fatigue.
  2. Increased irritability. A person can get ripped off because of a trifle or even on a flat spot. Emotionality increases. Due to lack of sleep there are problems with mood swings. A person can either burst into tears or burst out laughing for no reason. Over time, depression may arise due to this.
  3. Constant undernapping leads to a decrease in concentration. It’s not possible to focus on matters. The reaction, the memory, deteriorates. Any job in such a situation would constitute a struggle with sleep. There is no question about productivity.
  4. Due to not sleeping, there are headaches, dizziness. Immunity worsens, sex drive goes missing.
  5. A person is constantly feeling hungry. Chronic undernapping can cause obesity.
  6. The

  7. coordination of movements is deteriorating. If you regularly sleep less than 6 hours, not only concentration, but also muscle strength will go missing. Everything will fall out of hand because of this.
  8. Constant undernapping has a negative effect on thinking. It is difficult to solve even banal tasks. There are problems when communicating because it is difficult to pick up words and state your thoughts clearly.
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  10. appearance is deteriorating. Skin becomes flabby, wrinkles arise, muscle mass decreases. The brain stops functioning normally. Hallucinations are another serious symptom of falling asleep.

Daytime sleep

What if you failed to sleep at night? Try to find time in the afternoon and get some sleep. To do this, it is recommended to find a quiet place, close the windows, lie down and sleep for at least 20 minutes. It is not worth resting too much, otherwise at night it will not be possible to fall asleep. It’s best to sleep in the afternoon, until 4 p.m.

One should understand the difference between a full day’s sleep and a nap. In the first case it will be possible to compensate for undersleeping The second option will only complicate things. Fatigue will not go away. Man will all also feel drowsiness.

Sleep quality It is

possible to sleep more than 6 hours, but still feel tired and drowsiness. In this case, the problem is poor sleep quality. Frequent wakes, uncomfortable bed, lack of oxygen in the room, anxiety all have a negative effect on the night’s rest.


following recommendations will help improve the quality of sleep:

  1. You must go to bed before 11 o’clock at night.
  2. It is

  3. necessary to buy an orthopedic mattress, a comfortable pillow.
  4. The temperature in the room should be optimal. Can’t get any sleep if it’s too stuffy or cold.
  5. It is necessary to regularly ventilate the room.
  6. It is recommended to reduce the use of alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. A few hours before bedtime, it’s best to completely abandon it.
  7. The phone must be put on a voiceless mode.
  8. It must be dark in the room. A sleep mask can be purchased.
  9. If it is too noisy outside the window or neighbors are constantly swearing, it is necessary to purchase earplugs.
  10. Don’t have to flip through news reports before bedtime and watch thrillers, horror.

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