What are the reasons for attacking someone elses external view

Infacial assessments of the figure, hairstyle and along are probably more common than remarks about inappropriate behavior. The fact is that to assess a person’s act, it is necessary to understand his predestory and circumstances in which he is committed, to witness a situation, so that the opinion was not mistaken, was not a retelling hearsay and gossip. It’s quite another thing to judge looks. The assessment can be given at a glance.

These are cases where the dress style, figure and face of a person who follows himself and does not violate societal norms of conduct cause an aggressive reaction. Remarks to sloppy and conflicted personas from another series.

For centuries there have been scholars who have argued that by the features of the face it is possible to determine how much a person is inclined to commit crimes. Physiognomics tried even to make one of the methods of forensics, however, it found a place only among pseudosciences. The tendency of the ordinary to accuse the owners of specific persons of unclean thoughts could not be eradicated. If you add to the assessment of physiognomy what the crowd ascribes to a certain style of clothing and owners of a non-standard physique, it is unclear why the courts are not swamped with absurd denunciations on potential villains.

Illustration for the lecture on physiognomics (1671). Artist Charles Lebren

Who criticizes

Unfortunately, unpleasant words in his address a person can hear both from unfamiliar persons and from the closest relatives. If the former hurt only the most sensitive and wounded, the remark from the one you trust is taken tragically by even the most powerful cynics.

Different categories will turn their anger to different aspects of appearance:

  • Relatives tend not to like Clothing style of a loved one. His appearance and figure of negative reaction do not cause due to the fact that the family has the same food habits, attitude to physical education and perception of their own body.
  • Close friends can make a target for ridicule and derogatory comments something that excites their kind acquaintance. Criticism on their part is distinguished by ferocity, the certainty that the victim will not be able to remain indifferent.
  • Colleagues and classmates independently choose, or even come up with a disadvantage to which you can get involved. Often they have to convince a person to begin with that something is wrong with his appearance.
  • Unfamiliar people if they release a remark about the appearance of an outsider, they do it spontaneously.

Reasons for criticism

Each of the above groups has its own reason to feel like a person’s appearance. However, there is no strict binding of the offender’s identity and the reason for his attacks. Different psychological problems can provoke negative remarks in each case. Yes, it is psychologically the problems that cause one person to say nasty things to another.

Reasons for criticizing the appearance of others:

  • Attempting to assert yourself at the expense of humiliating another person Aggression towards others is often caused by a desire to demonstrate one’s strength in conjunction with the inability to behave in society and the lack of any strong qualities and developed skills.
  • Feeling lonely. Parents who want to see their full reflection in children transfer the conflict of views of life to the plane of appearance and criticize external signs. Wanting to sculpt out of Chad what they like, their copy, they hope to get their counterpart in terms of psychological qualities and value ideals.
  • A rejection of one’s own appearance. Fear of others noticing a certain defect in the image of the critic, causes him to switch the hatred of those around him in advance to an outsider. Often, the reason for herbalism is called exactly the quality, which is considered its own flaw.
  • Entertainment. Strangely brought up people find pleasure in discussing the appearance of those around them. Asocial groupings can harass anyone for no reason, just to pass the time.
  • Dividing into their own and others’. It is possible to unite a group not only by common cause, but also by fighting a treacherous enemy. If there is none, it should be assigned. Any external difference from most group members can serve as an indicator of hostility.

How to relate to criticism of appearance

The reason for negative statements to you are the personal psychological problems of someone who undertook to discuss your appearance. Knowing this, it’s not worth giving in to provocation and changing something to be accepted. Not the best option will be a change of image in protest. Such actions will provoke an even more aggressive barrage of criticism. Distracted from your problems is easiest by creating them around you.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t change anything in your appearance. Experiment with styles, focusing on your aesthetic preferences. If it is about the need to acquire a sporting figure, then the person should be interested in changes.

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