Ternista and hard road: what gets in the way of success?

Objective circumstances such as luck and luck (“in the right place – at the right time”) and the availability of the relevant material base are only 10% in total factors that help to become successful. The other 90% is everyday work on yourself. What is getting in the way of a cherished goal?

Doubt in one’s powers, self-confidence To set one

‘s life for success, one must first adjust one’s consciousness to a successful outcome. Among insecure people, generally successful people do not meet. Any change for the better is possible only with an internal awareness of success. “I’ll do it!” – this should be the motto of all subsequent life.

Frustration in their own activities

Many of the people have firmly decided to become successful and go decisively towards the goal. And suddenly everything went wrong, and comes the first disappointment in its activities. And if the failures are formed in succession, the person in the mind settles thoughts “everything is in vain, nothing will work!”. Along with such thoughts comes both indifference and reluctance to act on. Don’t stop! There are no no-luck situations! After taking a break, start over and move forward!

Lack of support from loved ones and friends

At the beginning of any activity, risks are possible that will disrupt the quiet usual course of things. What are your “rear”? People with strong family, family and friendly ties are more likely to become successful. Strengthen your relationship with others! Support of relatives and loved ones will be very btw in “black” days. If there are not a number of people to rely on in a difficult moment, wonder why? Maybe it’s in you!

Misunderstanding of those around

It is a logical continuation of the previous paragraph. Lack of support is half woes. Another situation is more common. Those around you put obstacles to the coming changes in your life. The logic of them is simple, and you can understand them: changes in your life will affect their interests, bring discomfort to their existence, disrupt their usual course of things. There’s only one tip: be selfish!

Lack of a real assessment of the situation

A ripe inner desire does not always lead the individual to a goal. Your capabilities need to be able to evaluate objectively. Age, temperament, health are important in the outcome of the case. Dreams can go unfulfilled. Real success begins with everyday life and deeds. Choose a burden on your own. Better to have real success in a small case than to swamp a major project.

Taking an unloved business

Think about what you love and don’t like to do? Does the process itself give you pleasure? You will never become successful in a cause you don’t like. Without total dedication, not to succeed.

Lack of their style

Unusual people are more likely to succeed. Extraordinary may be expressed in clothing style or in appearance. The postulate “Meet on clothes, walk on the mind” acts always and everywhere. Beauty is an innate factor. But everyone can become bright and stand out from the crowd. Only adhere to the principle of logic and measure, do not provoke others with combat coloring, bright hair color, aggressive clothing.

Unability to relax

Learn to alternate periods of fruitful work with rest. Full-fledged rest is a rest without thoughts of work. As Scarlett used to say in Gone With the Wind, “I’ll think about it tomorrow.”

Lack of a sense of humor

A good joke is able to work wonders: to defuse the environment, to come to a compromise, to make the right connections. Be able to make fun of yourself and your flaws. Smile more often. People are more willing to communicate with smiling and friendly people.

That’s it, actually. Forward to conquering new peaks! Success!

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