Rules by which the winner live

To become a winner, you must first learn to fulfill your own promises. That’s one of the basic rules. If you gave your word, it should be restrained. Especially if something was promised to himself.

There are other rules, thanks to which you can learn to win and move forward, to your own dream.

Life in reflection

All the people who surround you is your mirror reflection. They demonstrate those character traits and personality traits that you possess, but don’t realize it. For example, someone hacked you and you were very badly hurt? So in reality you also got into situations like this, when you were ready to stir someone. Or already bludgeoned, but didn’t notice it.

The mirror rule can manifest itself in a different way. In your life, what you’re focused on is going to happen. If you constantly think about the negative, be prepared for problems.

No need to be offended. First of all it is worth analyzing your own thoughts and actions. If you want to be surrounded by good, successful, energetic people, first of all you need to become the same.

Choice and responsibility

Learn to take responsibility. Everything that happens in your life is the result of your choices and thinking, not someone else’s actions or decisions. Therefore, it is necessary to criticize or make claims first of all to yourself. You are the author of your own reality.

Winners don’t scold themselves for mistakes made in the past or wrong decisions. They understand that they acted based on their own attitudes and values. Over time, beliefs and principles change. And what has been done before may become unacceptable at this stage. But this is an experience that everyone needs to acquire.

Take responsibility for your own decisions. Stop making excuses. Don’t blame other people’s failures and life circumstances.

Error and conformity

Do not assume that your decisions are 100% correct and no other opinion can be. There are always margins of error. In actions, in decisions, in analysis. You can’t count everything.

It is necessary to be flexible. The winner must adapt to the surrounding reality, to the changing rules. It is necessary to understand that there is a margin of error in every action. It can lead to mistakes. But we must be able to learn from any failure and keep moving on.

You get exactly as much as you deserved. No more and no less. It depends on your thinking, decisions and actions. The rule of conformity is manifested in all spheres of life. When you change your attitude to events, circumstances begin to change.

If you want a lot of money or a beautiful, strong and stable relationship — start matching your desires.

The rule of presence

of the

Past does not exist because it has already passed. There is no future, because it has not come. There is only here and now. So give up past grievances and stop living in the future. You are in the moment.

The winner lives on the present, not past mistakes and fears of the future.


To acquire the psychology of the winner, it is enough to perform a simple exercise – “Week of victories over yourself”. To do this, read the above rules carefully. Try to comply with one of the listed recommendations every day. For example, on Monday you can implement the mirror rule into your life, and on Tuesday — analysis of your actions and awareness of choice.

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