Popular psychological complexes: description and solution

There is a certain set of “clamps” and complexes that is found in people who met with the wrong upbringing, the formation of their identity was done wrong , has been searched.

Fear of communication with unfamiliar people

As an example: you approach a stranger and are afraid to start a dialogue. You realize that the ability to communicate with new people is a very important and useful skill, but something stops you. The inner feeling that gets in the way of doing what’s needed.

Here it is worth mentioning that fear of interaction with more status, high-ranking people is just as very complex, which has its roots in distant prehistoric times. Fears appear that you are lower than him, that this man will just throw you out of his surroundings.

Fear of acute criticism

This complex is based on the fact that you are constantly afraid to take up a new business, start a business, learn a new language, and so on because you believe that outsiders will voice their opinion, criticize all your plans. This discomfort feeling doesn’t disappear anywhere even after rebarring yourself.

Fear of public speaking also applies to this item. The individual has a fear of being judged by an audience. She believes something is wrong with her, she is not worthy of quality attention and understanding from other people.

Anxiety about one’s future

Misunderstanding: “Who am I in this world? What should I do?” Most people just work in an office, do unclear what, and then ask questions. They do not seek their purpose, only multiply internal issues.

Fear of conflict

The internal belief that if a person will defend their interests, prove his point of view, he is bound to be hurt: morally or physically. School is a prime example. The hierarchy that is built in this place teaches that there are weak and strong people, and conflicts lead to unpleasant consequences.


If you find at least 1 of the above points, do psychology study, understand how it works. Learn this topic along and across. Note those aspects that relate to early development, to the formation of personality in different stages of life. Starting at the age of 3, pumping in late youth.

There will be no solution to the psychological problem without a comprehensive approach, analysis. The percentage of people who have defeated complexes on the so-called overcoming themselves is extremely low. The whole point is that in this way you only solve the consequences obtained due to the wrong psychological development.

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