Neurobiology: Effective exercise for the brain

Neurobiics should be understood as simple exercises that aim to develop the brain, improve concentration and memory. With the help of such gymnastics, you can get rid of boilerplate thinking and discover talents, which were previously not even suspected.

What is the benefit At the

present stage, each person faces a serious problem. It lies in the same type of tasks, in their routine solution. Because of this, brain development one day stops. New neural connections cease to form, because they are missing the need. All this does not affect our lives in the best way.

Exercise neurobiics will help avoid a similar problem. They need to be carried out regularly. But it is not difficult, because the training will be simple and interesting.

Basic principles of neuroscience

The main principle is to use all available senses in exercises. At the same time, it is necessary to use them in non-standard combinations, not as they were used previously. It is necessary to surprise your brain with unusual actions. It will be possible to create new associative links, which will have a positive impact on the development of thinking.

Neurobiology has a pleasant enough feature. It is necessary to perform fun and creative exercises that will help improve mood and diversify weekdays. The same tasks can be performed differently, using different senses.

Regular reading

Try to read more often books whose subjects previously didn’t interest you. You can buy a variety of magazines. If you were into fiction, buy detective or business literature. Crochet? Read a motivational work or autobiographical book. Party lovers should pay attention to classic novels. Business personalities can read comics.

It is not necessary to fully understand the topic, thoroughly study it. Just familiarize yourself with a completely new topic, learn about previously unknown phenomena and things.

Relationships, a different hand and a new image

Start looking for relationships between several absolutely different subjects. Try to find as many common parameters, features as possible.

Start writing with your other hand. Are you left-handed? Take a pen in your right hand. Pravely should try to write a few phrases with your left hand. It’s not just thinking that develops through this. You run that part of the brain that is involved to a lesser extent.

Don’t be afraid to change your image. Purchase dark things if you prefer to wear bright clothes. Conversely, wear colourful sweatshirt if you like dark tones better. Decorate the interior with new details. Put some figurine on your desktop. Or buy a cactus. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your reality.

Without sound

This exercise for brain development is suitable for those who watch television frequently. Turn off the sound and try to figure out what people are talking about. Try to reproduce phrases with high precision, but don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You can do this exercise with a second half or friends.

Subsequently, search for the video viewed on the Internet and check how accurate the voice was.

Lack of vision and uncharted places

To improve brain performance, periodically walk around your apartment with your eyes closed. Other feelings escalate in this situation. They are starting to work more efficiently. The first time it’s enough to just go straight. Then the task will have to be complicated. Ideally, with closed eyes, you should walk quietly throughout the apartment.

Spend your weekends in different places. It is best to visit those resorts, cities and countries that have never been to. But even within one locality, you should choose the places you don’t know. Change restaurants and cafes more often, go to exhibitions regularly, attend concerts even if you don’t like the performer. Don’t forget about going out to nature. Never been to caves? Well, you have a great excuse to visit them.

Extra exercises

  1. Take a brush for brushing your teeth with a non-dominant hand.
  2. Read the book aloud.
  3. Change your travel routes.
  4. Bring diversity into your weekends.
  5. Play board games more often.

Neurobiology is gymnastics for our brains, which is available at any age. You can perform it everywhere. It won’t even take much time to do that. The main thing is that there is desire.

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