Mens main misconceptions about women

One of the most important misconceptions is that women like ears. Of course, the truth in this statement is true, but in practice only nice words and compliments are not enough. It all depends on the particular woman: some look at men only as miners, others prefer beautiful looks, but more often influenced by a whole set of interrelated causes.


There are a number of misconceptions associated with the woman driving. Some men still believe that the weak sex is categorically impossible to drive a car or any other vehicle.

And a similar stereotype began to build from – that before all technologies were responsible for men. Women came into contact with them extremely rarely. In the twentieth century, however, things began to change. Today, women do just as well with technique as men (sometimes even better), just less often go into that area of knowledge headlong.

Home and life

Many beliefs that were relevant in the Middle Ages have lived to the present day. For example, it is traditionally believed that all women dream of children and the life of a housewife. Of course, among the representatives of the beautiful sex a lot and such, but not all prefer to sit at home.

Previously, it was thought that women make a career only to protect themselves and the child, but already today many fully prefer work to the family. There is nothing surprising about this, as it is not only men who are destined to reach high heights.

Some modern families share household duties in half and don’t see it as anything shameful. Not all women like to clean up, cook and sit with kids. To many it gives even more discomfort than men. Therefore, pressure and demand to perform “women’s duties” is not always correct.


Another common male misconception about women — all women of the beautiful sex are weak. Perhaps they are not as developed physically, but in many other areas are free to give a man’s front. For example, women have been shown to be better at doing routine, long chores and able to work much more effectively in multitasking environments.

By the way, physically they’re not always weaker either. Many, even fragile girls, have quite a bump that can even stun a man. Of course, the duel will rather win a strong gender, but the physical weakness is very often overrated.

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