Manage a man to his goals


art of manipulating a man to himself for good has always taken place in a girl’s life. Actually, here we will sort out the ways of influencing men and the usefulness of all this in life.

Why should you apply the skill of managing the course of thoughts and desires of a man?

Manipulation of a man will never succeed if you start managing him openly (precisely because the male must feel more important, smarter and stronger than the woman he owns [or You don’t need a real male?]).
Tip: look charming (competently hide problematic areas and focus on the right ones – eyes, breasts). In order to get a man’s attention, he needs to be interested in himself, show how important that person is in your life (be gentle and caring with him), never think only about yourself, do not forget that a man is a living person.
The relationships of the sexes represent barter: getting feelings, emotions, (things?) want not only you, but also a man (because he also has the right to it).

What way to control a man, influence his actions?

Women have invented many different ways to manipulate the second half, but the best one remains “Including the Woman”. It’s not clear what it is and an explanation is required… The

easiest thing to achieve in a man is to cause him sexual attraction. A male interested sexually “loses his head”, thus handing over the reins to you. But don’t abuse it, seriously. Never force him (aka a free man) and ask too much (You don’t want to become an “old woman at a broken trough”?).

If you do not need any action on the part of a man, offer him an alternative option.

Appreciate and respect (and at least love it!) your man, and your relationship will be strong and unfaltering.

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