Male psychology in relationships: 3 secrets of happiness

Opinion that men have love is far from first place far from reality. Let a strong part of the population of the planet express emotions rather restrained, but closure does not mean reluctance to acquire a loving companion of life.

Attraction of opposites

Although romance is vital not considered by most men. Even if the chosen person does not present flowers or give presentations, it does not mean cooling in his feelings. After busy weekdays, the head of the family needs a quiet marina to rest. Such a place he dreams of finding homes.

Let the husband not notice a spectacular arrangement or a beautiful hairstyle: the man pays attention to details rarely, because his attention is paid to the object entirely. He strives to see the chosen woman always in a good mood, radiating peace and happiness. The infuriated spouse is perceived inability to provide a woman comfortable being.


manner of behavior with a woman in the family is laid down in the relationship with the mother. If the parent adored the son and did not enjoy unnecessary pressure in his upbringing, the man treats the wife with respect. In a far from ideal relationship with mother is dissatisfied constantly and wife.

However, at the beginning of the candy-bouquet period, it is important for the girl to understand what is in reality the attitude of the chosen person There are several signs of male falling in love:

  • he necessarily finds a way of communication: he does not get to see — calls or writes;
  • in the girl notices only positive features;
  • not dodges cohabitation, ready for it;
  • protects from the world;
  • strives to spend as much time together as possible;
  • demands return attention to oneself, reciprocity.

To know rather than assume

Feelings a man projects onto gestures. The open posture will help to determine falling in love, if the legs are crossed, and the hands are in pockets, during the conversation the choice constantly swings the tip of the nose, rubbing the earlobe or covering the hand of his mouth, his feelings, most likely shallow.

Let everyone’s character be individual, then almost every man wishes to feel himself in a relationship with a female leader. And therefore it doesn’t make sense to take on everything and dictate terms. It is pointless to mention once again who in the pair the leader, even if it is not a man.


strong gender values its strength highly. Therefore, with the ladies criticizing him, even the most loved-up models of masculinity don’t linger for a long time. Nonverbosity does not need to be regarded as neglect, it is simply that a man always strives to be at the height. What matters to him is dry facts, not an excess of emotion wasted energy.

The problems strong gender solves by careful analysis of each step. He scrolls through all the plans to resolve a difficult situation in his head, and such behavior does not mean an urge to leave home at all. The conversation man will start himself when he is ready, so it is better not to disturb him ahead of time.

The right solution also helps you find sitting for hours with a newspaper in your hands, switching TV channels while completely ignoring seen on the screen, even playing cards with friends.


man doesn’t understand hints. It responds only to specific proposals. The strong gender cannot predict by voice and intonation of desire, so it is necessary to express your wishes clearly.

Aspiring for care and love the baby sits inside even the strongest and most brutal of alpha males. If this attitude is underreceived during childhood, such desire is enhanced several times. To trusting relations in such a case it is necessary to add warmth and maternal care. That being said it’s important not to overdo it.

The pursuit of harmony

The happy family is an art. To create harmony, psychologists recommend:

  • smile more often;
  • listen, hold breath and admire; appreciate the
  • humor of the chosen person;
  • strive to get to know the man better;
  • give him gifts and give thanks for his presentations; do
  • not control him constantly and do not make jealousy;
  • moderation in emotions;
  • do not distract from important matters;
  • do not hinder his vacation with friends;
  • take on shopping girlfriends, not husband;
  • stay yourself, strive to see positive in everything;
  • get rid of bad habits;
  • love yourself;
  • learn to accept help;
  • forget about misses and not fixate on the past.


sullen woman does not cause admiration. A smile will tell about acceptance of the elect and full approval of him. It will be a signal of the reciprocity of feelings. Great support in a difficult situation will be addition to a smile in the form of a gentle look with special warmth.

Increases self-esteem and give confidence increased attention to the chosen person. Do not interrupt it, explaining that the sayings are known and so. Be sure to voice that something about a man likes. The praise in his address strong gender values highly.

About respect is the attitude to humor. Let the anecdote and old, but make fun of it is worth that the man doesn’t think, as if uninteresting loved.


trust relationship is built on the knowledge of the chosen one. It makes sense to learn more about his childhood, youth, habits and hobbies. Great, if it turns out that you can do your favorite business together

Pleasant surprises men love. Special attitude will emphasize not so much a luxurious expensive presentation, but a thing made by their own hands. Be sure to thank for his gifts. It is important to demonstrate that the choice’s attention is the most important. Then he will seek to delight again and again.

Men’s freedom is appreciated. Total control is able to push away even an exemplary family member. And trust on the good side will show the chosen woman, then the husband and himself will understand that too often leave the companion alone should not be.

Sensitive ladies of men are attracted, only need to be careful with the manifestation of such feelings.

Work and career are essential for the head of the family. Success takes time, and concentrations on cases are greatly hampered by constant calls. The man is not able to pay attention to the elected woman every second.

In a trusting relationship it is no sense to fear trekking to the left: to rest representatives of a strong part of the population prefer with friends, not “girlfriends”

To experiment with image, noticing that the husband likes a certain type of women. But one cannot forget about one’s own personality.

In life, positive is very important, only then luck turns face. It is extremely important to love yourself sincerely, because this begins a similar attitude towards others. We should be allowed to take care of yourself, learn to accept help. The excess of autonomy is repelling. It is also not necessary to constantly remind the elect of his weaknesses, much less to tell others about them.

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