Important victories that can change life

A lot depends on thinking. There are beliefs through which one grows, becomes more successful and happier. However, negative installations are enough. They must be identified and removed from their lives. Unless the mindset changes, then life will remain the same as well.

The thinking of the victim

First of all, it is necessary to stop blaming the own mistakes of the people around them, circumstances, politics, parents or supervisor. Almost all people face a similar mistake. Why do we blame others for our own failure? Because it’s easy. Removed responsibility and it is possible to do nothing further.

You have to learn to take responsibility for your own life, try to change it if something doesn’t suit. Don’t change the whole world. It’s a daunting task even for great personalities. But changing one’s thinking is a goal that everyone is able to cope with.

Winning over bad relations

We are used to parting ways with loved ones because of any failure. Abandoning the relationship even if nothing critical happened. And again we blame the failure not ourselves, but the soulmate. But it’s a path to nowhere.

Negative feelings such as resentment, irritation, anger, dissatisfaction must be defeated. First, you have to do everything you can to preserve the relationship. Love is the daily work of not one person, but both by a partner. And if someone in a relationship started to “brake”, get offended, then the second one needs to set an example and find opportunities for a peaceful solution to problems.

Abandoning bad mood

Our success is directly related to mood. You can’t move up the career ladder, succeed in the financial sphere and build strong, stable relationships if chaos and hopelessness reigns in emotions.

You need to learn to emerge from negative emotions. No one says that it is necessary to abandon them completely. It’s too complicated. But it’s not worth living in the negative. Learn to let go of negative emotions.

Refuse comparison

At the present stage, we are constantly caught up in the eyes of success stories, photos of people near big houses and expensive cars. And looking at it all, we start to compare ourselves to more successful people. But it’s a path to nowhere. It is possible to spend a lifetime watching others and feeling jealous, disgusted with yourself.

Comparisons never end. Therefore, they should be abandoned. Do not delete Instagram from your phone, block the Internet and lock yourself in the apartment. Such drastic measures are to nothing. Just learn to treat someone else’s success calmly.

Give up the pig You

can wonder infinitely at the fact that in other countries the streets are clean. There is no debris in the entrances, parks, or forests. You can just stop porking in your country, in your city.

Learn to keep clean in your home. Get on the balcony, throwing out all the unnecessary junk that has been copied for years. Learn to throw out paper, cigarette butts, packages from a variety of goods into urns that are designed for garbage. For some reason, many are not able to cope with even this uncanny task.

A few important wins

  1. Find the money. It is very nice to take a winter jacket and one of the pockets to find 100 rubles. Don’t spoil the moment by remembering that you put them in your pocket yourself. Just be happy about this little victory.
  2. Defend your point. It’s nice to feel right. Doubly more pleasant when those around them acknowledged it. This moment should be enjoyed.
  3. Come up with a whiny answer. You’re told muck, and you only know after 24 hours how it was necessary to react. Many have faced this situation. It’s the ladder effect. And it is very nice when the huddled answer was invented and voiced instantly. It’s a win!
  4. Found a good parking spot. In modern conditions in large metropolitan areas it is very difficult to find a place where you can park. If you still managed to find the perfect place for the car – this is a victory that should be noted and recorded.
  5. Catching a thing falling off the table, or an item unexpectedly thrown to you by a friend, is a victory that greatly increases self-confidence.


It is necessary to be able to notice minor victories on your life path, to rejoice them, to congratulate yourself. You can even think of a victory dance or a song heroic to compose. It’s important to concentrate on the positive, turning aside all the negative.

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