How to survive in the world of narcissism



not succumb to the ideas of narcissism that are increasingly evolving in society. Make a habit of being critical of the utterances and assertions of others. Don’t let corporations that cash in on beauty goods manipulate your life. Don’t be a slave to consumption and a victim of fashion.


Think about how in essence the life of people placed on their appearance is ridiculous. First, they spend a sea of effort, time and money just to appeal to themselves and those around them. Second, they are never happy with themselves. It is only worth starting the race for perfect beauty as this run will never stop. This is due to the inability to achieve perfection and the variability of fashion on beauty. Third, their lives are spiritually dull and empty. Such individuals do not develop, but only degrade.


Love and accept yourself. Try to see in the so-called shortcomings of your own appearance individual features. You are unique, proud of it. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. In fact there are no standards or measures of beauty, each person is attractive to different traits.


Focus on life aspects other than appearances. Get into work, study, hobbies, sports, build a personal life, have a pet, do charity, arrange your housing, travel, get into business – what more to liking. There’s so much interesting around, and the world is so huge. Don’t be a limited person fixated on looks.


Do not evaluate others from a position of external beauty or, on the contrary, unattractiveness. Take a look at those around you. Agree, whether you’re comfortable around them has little to do with their external data. Think about your loved ones or friends. Surely you find it difficult to objectively evaluate them in terms of beauty, because, long communicating with the individual, you stop taking it as a picture.


Sensibly spend your money. Buying cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, shoes and accessories, wonder if you really need this thing, whether it will bring you joy, whether it will make your life comfortable, whether it will add health to you. Or you want to have a given product just to get a compliment from acquaintances or to be distracted by shopping from some real problems.

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