How to stop regretting the past

Regret about imperfect deeds, words spoken or unsaid, you don’t need to do things. Because this feeling prevents us from developing, achieving goals and realizing desires. That is why regret must be abandoned. And help it to do some effective ways.

Let go and burn

How to stop sorry? Many psychotherapists offer a rather effective way. It will be necessary to allocate at least a week in your schedule. For seven days it is necessary to remember only the negative. Show the utmost honesty and write down all those acts and words that turned out to be stupid and negative.

Put all the negative thoughts into the notebook. Record what you thought about in the most difficult moments of life. Fix all the wrong things made and unfulfilled promises. At the end of the week, burn your notebook, let go of your past and stop regretting missed opportunities.

Still ahead

To stop regretting missed opportunities, it is necessary to understand that they have not only been, but will be in the future. There is always room for opportunity in life. It’s important to notice them in time. Regreting the past, it’s to make a lot harder.

It’s more important to make the right decision when there’s a new opportunity in your life. How do you do that? What solution can be considered correct? According to psychologists, the choice in that case will be right if it is based on your own interests and desires.

It is simply necessary to understand that a missed opportunity is not torture. You are not waiting for failure, problems, etc. This is just an overlooked case. In addition, tomorrow may be a new opportunity that will bring much more joy to your life.

Manage your own thoughts

In most cases, we can’t manage our own thinking. Attention constantly jumps from one thought to another. Because of this, we often start thinking about past failures. And it is because of this that we stop noticing new opportunities.

You can’t regret the past. At the fault of this feeling, a person risks falling into a closed circle.

To stop remembering past failures, you need to control your thoughts, develop emotional intelligence. Whenever you start reminiscing about mistakes made in the past, derail yourself and return to the present.

Don’t forget about practice

Start planning. Carefully paint your affairs, tasks, goals, desires. Drawing up a to-do list would help deal with past grievances and problems, psychologists said.

We have to live in the present. It is much more difficult, because you will have to make decisions and face mistakes, failures. But that’s what will help make your life happier.

Advice is, of course, a good thing. But they don’t work if there’s no practice. Regrets about the past will only go away when you act. More often, remind yourself that you live here and now, not in the past. You can even stand up in front of the mirror and promise yourself that you will stop regretting missed opportunities and deeds.

In the most run-down cases, training will help. When the body gets tired, there is simply no strength left for memories and regrets. All thoughts evaporate from the head.

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