How to stop being afraid of the end of the light

Why won’t the end of the world?

Humanity has been foreshadowed more than once by an imminent and imminent demise: natural disasters, flashes in the Sun, landing of aggressive inhabitants of another planet, the third world war — options multitude. The media often artificially draw unnecessary attention to this topic by operating in multidimensional terms, referring to prophets, calendars of ancient civilizations, revelations modern “contacters” (humans claiming to have communicated with aliens). In principle, there is nothing criminal in this, but many too seriously take this kind of prophecies: build shelters, sell property for a pittance, in general, fear the end of the world.

Paradoxically, the Mayan Indians, so frightened of humanity with their calendar, were unable to anticipate the demise of their own civilization.

To avoid succumbing to panic after another prediction, you can simply look into history. Humanity, according to various prophets, should have disappeared about five hundred times already: that’s how many ends of the world were predicted. However, the world hasn’t gone anywhere, there are more people on Earth, so obviously apocalyptic predictions haven’t come true. Consequently, there is no reason to believe that the next prophecy will prove true. Add a little healthy skepticism: virtually no doomsday predictor could even anticipate his own future, what to say about human civilization.

Do not believe charlatans

If you are gullible and impressionable, try to filter the incoming information. The predictions of astrologers, numerologists, secret magicians and sect leaders are not the information you need. Receive data from verified sources, confirmed by scientific research, recognized by the global scientist community. Scientists, by the way, do not include graduates of the Academies of Witchcraft and other similar institutions. Do not visit various near sites, watch the programs heralding the coming apocalypse – why give your imagination food for experiences. Remember that the task of most such broadcasts is not to warn you of the near end of the world, but to attract as many viewers as possible for purely commercial reasons.

The end-of-the-world heralds can be guided by different motivations, from mental disorders to thirst for fame and wealth.

But even allowing for a second that the end of the world is really possible, it’s not at all a reason to lower your hands and lose interest in life. On the contrary, you need to strive to live every day as rich, interesting and brighter as possible, so that you never regret missed opportunities.

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