How to regain faith in yourself


Do not fixate on failures. Any given task has a solution. And even a mistake doesn’t mean you’re incompetent. Failure is just one option. And if you went the wrong way, accept that fact and look for a solution further. Set goals and achieve results.


Praise yourself for making good decisions. Some people tend to memorize their misses, and to win be treated as happenstance or luck. This is not the case: success is achieved only by persistent and competent individuals.


Even in thoughts don’t allow negative statements about yourself. On the contrary, use positive affirmations that raise self-esteem and shape self-belief. “I will cope,” “I deserve better,” “I love and accept myself” are examples of positive statements. When composing your affirmations, do not use the particle “not” in them.


Let the people around you see your virtues. In response to congratulations and compliments it is not necessary to answer “nothing special”, say – “thank you”. By belittling your achievements, you not only form your understated self-esteem, you are letting people know that you have nothing to respect for. How do you submit yourself — this is how you will be treated.



‘t compare yourself to the people around you. You can always find someone who is higher jumping and running faster. However, you also have your virtues unavailable to others. Compare yourself of today and yourself of yesterday. If progress is made, you’re on the right track.


Develop intellectually. A successful person learns a lifetime. And it doesn’t matter how you do it. Seminars, books, trainings, video courses or lectures via the Internet — any useful information that enhances your intellectual level, increases your self-belief.


Communicate more with positive, developed and confident people. Learn from them attitude to yourself. Don’t listen to pessimistically and negatively minded people — they reject everything new and contagion you with their insecurities. You can help people like this by cheering and supporting them. And if you feel needed by someone, your self-esteem will rise markedly.

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