How to raise authority

You must be a master of your business. People will listen only to the person whose competence they do not doubt, and it can only be proved in a case. Higher education alone is not enough, it is necessary to practice, and, the more it will be, the higher your authority will be. Prove to everyone that you don’t get your bread for nothing. Write a book, publish an article, get something meaningful, then people will start respecting you.

Help others by showing wisdom. It is not necessary to do all the work for a person, just tell him which direction to move and how best to cope with the task. You will begin to be respected not only as a good specialist, but also as a good person. This is very important, as authority gained only for professional skills may prove short-lived. Helping other people will not only improve your communication abilities and allow you to understand your own business, but also create additional motivation for further development.

Set public goals and achieve them. It will prove to people that you are a high-level professional. Plus, it will help you achieve something truly meaningful.

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