How to raise a son without a father


scourge of time and the real misfortune of modern Russian society are incomplete families. The reasons are wide variety. More often than not, on very serious occasions, many families break up. The woman is left alone and forced to raise her son without her father.

Where incomplete families come


A woman believes she is better off one than with a scoundrel husband. She herself can raise, learn and feed a child.
Sometimes it really is. A well-held business woman, unwilling to tolerate a weak man nearby, can not only feed and provide education. Many ladies are able to provide a very comfortable life to themselves and their child.

Or living together with an alcoholic and a parasite makes a family’s life hell. To rid herself and children of nightmarish scenes, to protect loved ones, a woman decides to divorce.

Often a woman finds herself abandoned besides her will. Left alone with a child in her arms, often destitute. As

human break-ups, so many reasons for the emergence of incomplete families. More mums are giving birth to babies “for themselves,” deliberately avoiding marriage.

A single mom is not alone, if she is a mom

Whatever the material situation in an incomplete family, whatever tragedies she goes through, the most important thing should be remembered: you are not alone. Next to you is a man. Even if he’s two or four years old.

Under no circumstances can you derail a boy on people, yell at him. In private, you’ll tell him everything you think about his behavior. Only in private. Don’t let him be humiliated by yourself or anyone else. Whether it’s a teacher, a school principal or a kindergarten teacher.

Unless, of course, you have the task of raising a man rather than a hammered, insecure, understated self-esteem man. Be able to politely, but firmly enough to make it clear that you have listened to complaints and will take action, but only you have the right to punish the child if you see fit.

Except you have no one to protect the little man.

Born a man – be him, regardless of age

From the smallest age the boy must understand that he is the helper, hope and support. But can he feel strong and grown-up if his mom throws to put on socks and lace him sneakers before he does.

Let the son carry something from the shop on his way out of the shop. Put what he can in the package. He has to firmly rest in his head that a man can go easy if the woman carries bags.

If your son forgot his athletic uniform for a physical education lesson, shift shoes, an album, don’t remind him of it. Allow yourself to overcome the consequences of forgetfulness. Ask how he felt sitting on a bench as kids ran on physical education? Or was he pleasant to be reprimanded from a schoolteacher? The next day it will be collected.

It is important from the first school days to accustom your son to independent fees. Your life will become easier at times, and the boy will get used to being responsible for his misses and not allowing them.

Talk to your son, listen to his

Single Mom forced to work hard. The boy is granted most of the day to himself. Deprived of a firm hand and a good paternal example, he is willing to “stick” to anyone who encouraged or praised him, an adult or a peer of dubious authority.

So get into bad companies and break their lives unstrengthened teenagers. With any luck, it’s possible to negotiate with any of the out-of-work neighbors. Let them keep the child under close scrutiny. At the slightest signs of anxiety, take adequate action. Ask how the day went, who he communicated with, what he did.

And, most importantly, you can’t wave away from talking to a child. Talk to him, listen, even if he’s a beat hour telling you about nuts and cars and you’re wildly tired. You can’t lose emotional intimacy, lose trust.

That boy, your son, should grow up to be a real man you’ll be proud of, and a lot depends on mom’s wisdom.

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