How to love: 6 steps to liberation

Unhappy love happens to most of us at least once in our lives. Whether this other person was mutually in love or didn’t answer your feelings from the start, dums about him won’t do you any good.

Do you constantly look at your phone in the hope that he (she) will finally call? You can’t sleep because you’re still thinking about this person? Feel miserable and see no meaning in life? These are typical symptoms of falling in love. Instead of continuing to reflect on the unfulfilled, start letting go.

1. Rationalizing state

Try to look at your problem from the side, without emotion. Realize what happened and stop idealizing that person. After all, no one is perfect. Also, recall the moments when your courtships were rejected to stop living the illusion of a shared relationship.

2. Acceptance of the situation

In times of crisis many are looking for self-fault, which affects the psyche even worse. Instead, try to accept what happened and come to terms with the situation. This is a necessary step to feel emotional stabilization and close this chapter.

3. Stop being interested in this man’s life

Immediately after breaking up we cannot accept the sudden cessation of contact. We’re still thinking about this person and wondering what’s going on in her life. Checking former partner’s social media profiles is a habit that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will still live that person’s life. If it’s hard to combat this habit, remove contact from your friends list. It is important not to be interested in him in common acquaintances.

4. Value yourself

Instead of focusing on that person, take care of yourself. Understand that the most important thing in your life is a relationship with yourself. Above all, value yourself. Write on a piece of paper a list of your strengths to understand how much you have. High self-esteem is the basis for forming healthy relationships with others in the future.

5. Set yourself new goals

Next stage – the beginning of a new chapter. For this purpose, new goals must be set. For example, engage in the realization of a dream that has been postponed for a long time. Now you have more time to yourself and it’s time to use it for self-development. It will strengthen you mentally and give you satisfaction. Consider what you want to achieve.

The shift in focus allows you to forget faster and spend less time on frustration. It can be a job, a new hobby, a journey, you can and just restore order to the house, take apart old things.

6. Surround yourself with loved ones

In times of crisis, our surroundings play a key role. Communicating with loved ones who want the best for you is the foundation. Meet them as often as possible, instead of sitting alone and mourning unhappy love.

To raise self-esteem you can go on a couple of dates, make new acquaintances, but not for the purpose of creating new relationships. Until the old crush lets go, the new relationship won’t be happy. Dating allows you to raise your own self-esteem, realize you’re interesting to the opposite sex.

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