How to load man

First you need to define the dominant human perception system. That is, learn how he receives most of the information: through hearing, vision, or tactile sensations. Usually the person points it out himself, only unknowingly. If it constantly asks you to look at something, then the dominant one is the visual system. If you hear — audible.

Then create a comfortable atmosphere of mutual understanding. Listen carefully to the person, note what words he uses, where pauses, and so on. You have to emulate his manner of speaking. Making it is not so easy, given that the interviewee should not notice apparent deviations in your behavior. It is advisable even to stand in the same pose as him, then the conversation will proceed even more comfortably.

After that, it is possible to move on to exposure. Tell me exactly what you want to get. Depending on the temperament of the interlocutor, your speech can be aggressive, calm or pleading. Ideal if you manage to put the interlocutor into a stupor. At that point he will have little understanding and will almost certainly agree to help you.

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