How to increase your creative


Find a creative stimulus.

Not every person can directly answer the question, what exactly inspires him. However, if you manage to find an incentive for creativity, you will not have to wait for an eyesore, because you will always be able to stimulate your muse yourself.


Surround yourself with perfection and beauty.

There’s nothing shameful if you take inspiration from other people’s successful work. Do not hesitate to study masterpieces of music and painting, poetry and prose, and try to interview their authors. As Picasso said: “Good artists can copy!”


Constantly try yourself in a new case.

Don’t worry about failure, for example, in painting. Perhaps a real poet will nap into you! You run the risk of never having to find out if you stop expanding your creativity.


Combine incompatible.

In our time you can quietly grow and develop creatively in several spheres of life. History remembers examples of successful athletes, subsequently gone into business or politics, as well as politicians, in their spare time fascinated with composing or painting.


Don’t confuse entertainment with creativity.

It is worth clearly distinguishing between the concepts of “waste of time” and “creative work”. Don’t let yourself walk away with your head in a vain waste of time, such as watching TV or reading entertainment articles. It’s worth being honest with yourself, admitting that in such things you won’t find a source of inspiration, and turn to other, more creative things.


Pay attention to health.

Agree that even a day of hard, tortured work will hardly be more fruitful than a couple of hours of inspired work. Be sure to take short breaks in pursuit of the muse, as well as keep an eye on your body’s signals: if it is severely tiring and requires respite – it is not worth obstructing.


Ignore detractors, but listen to criticism.

Expressing yourself, do not forget that you take to the general court not only your creativity, but also your point of view, and therefore yourself. Don’t let the flurry of criticism inundate you, listen in the demuha, skillfully carving out rejoints of detractors and fair remarks.

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