How to improve memory: effective ways and recommendations

How to improve memory? This question interests a lot of people. After all, it depends on her quality of life. It is necessary not only to constantly learn something new, but also to perceive a huge flow of information And without good memory, it’s difficult to do that.

Recommendations for improving the memory 

  1. Necessary periodically make any changes in your daily activities, lifestyle. Visit interesting places, look for new routes, walk more often, develop new skills. Thanks to all this, neural connections will be formed and strengthened, which will have a beneficial impact on memory.
  2. Perform exercises that improve the blood circulation of the brain. Wash hands, rub whiskey, ears and forehead. Regularly massage your head in circular movements.
  3. The brain should rest. Every day at least for 15 minutes, be distracted from all activities and worries.
  4. We need to move more. Walking, jogging, outdoor training will help improve not only health, but also memory.
  5. If you need to remember any important information, read it aloud before bedtime. During night rest, the subconscious handles information better.
  6. Minimize calculator usage. Try to count in the mind.
  7. Give up unnecessary information. Don’t clog your head with garbage.
  8. Read books, learn foreign languages, learn poems – all this will have a beneficial impact on memory.

Reduce your sugar intake

How to improve memory? Give up on consuming sugar in large quantities. This product has a negative impact not only on health, but also on cognitive abilities.

According to numerous studies, unbalanced nutrition significantly impairs memory and reduces brain volume. By reducing sugar consumption, such problems can be avoided. And health will improve.

More often meditate

How to develop memory? Meditation will help in that. She helps relax, calm down. It will be possible to get rid of the headache and reduce the pressure. Thanks to meditation, the amount of gray matter increases, which positively affects memory.

Regularly meditating, you can improve short-term memory. According to research conducted by Taiwanese scholars, students who engage in meditative practices possess better spatial memory.

Regular workouts

How to improve memory? There are many different exercises, performing which can develop concentration and memory. For example, you can remember numbers or words.

There is a reasonably effective exercise. It is desirable to perform it in some room. Look around. Spend seconds 30-40 seconds on it. Try to remember all things, their position, color. Then close your eyes and start listing those items you’ve seen.

As a conclusion


Memory is necessary for an informed, fulfilling life. So we have to try to keep it. Lead the right lifestyle, read books more often, meditate, walk around. To strengthen your memory, it is recommended to regularly perform a variety of exercises and follow the advice listed above.

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