How to enhance your femininity


Put on a skirt. A simple but very effective way to feel your feminine nature. And stockings instead of tights will add to you self-confidence and a sense of your own attractiveness.


Becoming weak. Difficult point for many women, who are accustomed to piling on themselves the whole load of life’s problems. Share your burden with a man, whether it’s your husband, father or stranger. Ask for help to bring a heavy package to the car, give your hand when leaving public transport, open a bottle of water or canned food. We can do all this ourselves, but it’s the kind of requests that make us more feminine, and the men who help you become more courageous.


Take care of ourselves. Go to a beauty salon, a nail studio or a massage session. Allowing time in the turmoil of everyday life only for yourself, you will realize that you have the right to such weakness, and your appearance will become more attractive.


Take care of loved ones. Caring is an integral part of the woman’s soul. Feed, clothe, heat loved ones not in hardship, but in joy, if you understand that it is your privilege, not a heavy duty. The woman fills the house with family energy and coziness. Change your attitude to homework and enjoy the fact that you can give your warmth to your housewives.


Rejoice in life. A woman steeped headlong in trouble loses much of her female energy. A cute fragile girl turns into a useless creature who thinks how to make money, pay off a loan, help a child in school, make repairs in a house where to repair a car, and so on. Of course, no one canceled the problems, but stop for a moment and see how beautiful this world is. Enjoy a 15-minute walk through the park, watch flowers dissolve and paint sunset. Give yourself harmony and tranquility for at least half an hour a day and gradually you will be able to feel your femininity and, perhaps, your life will be filled with new sensations and joy.

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