How to effectively remember information


Define the main thing.

Try to draw out the most basic information to be remembered. Everything else doesn’t need to be turned off from the memorization process, but it’s better to start dropping.



If you have any experiences or other things, you should first resolve them. Unnecessary thoughts, not directed at memory training, hardly contribute to the early assimilation of information.


Plug the imagination.

Remember not only words or phrases, as well as your own sensations from reading. For example, if you need to learn narrative type text – try to visualize in your brain a picture of what is happening.


Choose associative chains.

If the text is too complex to visualize (formulas, pronunciation of foreign words, etc.), you can try to choose an associative series to the memorized information. A coined association does not necessarily have to describe the text very accurately – even though it will be clear only to you, only it would be remembered quickly and easily.


Regular workouts.

No matter how cool, but without daily training, memory will not improve significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly throw new and new tests to her, remembering, for example, the numbers of passing cars or birthdays of friends of her child.

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