How to deal with stress in isolation


 All people experience different emotions all the time. They can be both positive and negative. But how do you know it’s stressful?

Stress can be experienced from anything. For example, you have swallowed hot coffee in the morning, opened hot water in the bathroom instead of cold water, etc. But only when the body’s reaction becomes atypical can we say that the person is in the state of stress. Example: you start getting angry about trifling, responding inappropriately to any irritant. Stress can cause abrupt changes in the body: pressure jump, sharp pain, heavy sweating, chills, shaking hands and feet, tears. In humans, chronic diseases may worsen.

If you are stressed

if you understand that you are stressed, the first thing to do is to take your hands. In no case can you eat it, run away from it and get away from it. Even if an emergency is declared, relations with relatives, friends, colleagues should not be lost.


Every person in a stressful situation should be able to help themselves.

  • The first is to recognize and realize that he is stressed. Do not panic further and understand that stress is also his emotion, only negative and he is able to cope with it himself.
  • Second. Force yourself to disable all sources of information that carry negativity all the time. Try to go only to those portals where accurate information and there are no different fakes. Watch only good movies.
  • Try to get good sleep. Don’t abuse drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

  • If you are at all isolated from society, find yourself an occupation that is soothing, which should be performed in quiet leisurely form: cleaning to quiet music, ironing linen, rearranging furniture, sewing, knitting, etc.

  • Excellent help with stress different physical exertions. Even if you sit in the house and do not go outside, you can do charging, jump on the balcony, dance, etc.

  • It’s important to completely get away from the negativity and switch yourself only to the positive. Find it even in a stressful environment. When would you still watch the series? Have you found time to do a general cleaning? In this situation, you can talk to your friend on the phone for hours. Before, you couldn’t afford it. Reread your favorite novel. Get yourself at last: repaint, make a mask on your face, etc.


to relive the stress.

  • Filter any communication, as well as all the information you receive.
  • Remembering about everything that can bring positive emotions.
  • Increase the time of communication with loved ones.
  • Try to exercise yourself more and lead the LCA.
  • To do everything that will survive the stress.

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