How to create an Easter tune


Of course, the first step along the way is observing Lent. But many are limited only to external fasting — preparing lean food, during the entire period or in the first and last weeks, which are considered to be the strictest in this regard. However, the real purpose of Lent is through austerity to purify himself, his thoughts. No wonder there is a saying: “Sin is not that in the mouth, but that out of the mouth” – it is evil words, envy, hatred of circumstances, people, sometimes the closest. Lent is a wonderful reason to understand that the foundation of all life is Love, and one of the main tasks of man is to raise within himself love for the world around him, to help others find a source within themselves goodness.


If in normal times you rarely manage to go to the temple, it is worth spending more time in Lent. Even just walking in and standing in the church, not necessarily during the service, is useful for inner harmony — the silence and tranquility of the temple help to cope with anxieties, to establish dialogue with yourself, to lead in order of energy flows. The atmosphere of the temple appeases, takes blackness out of the soul. It is in the temple that a solution to a complex problem can come, thanks to the fact that here we listen to the inner voice and choose the right path.


Among the obligatory components of the special atmosphere of each holidays — music, books and movies. The main events of the Orthodox calendar can also be prepared with their help — for example, listen to religious chants, compositions on the relevant subject, as those who came to us from the depths of centuries, so and written by composers of eras closer to us. On the eve of Easter, the right mood will create both the reading of Ivan Shmelev’s “Summer of the Lord”, and the enjoyment of the performance skills of the choir of the Brethren of the Holy Transfiguration Monastery of Valaam, and the reflection on his deeds of earthly, kind and unkind, together with a foreign man Anatoly from Pavel Lungin’s film “The Island”.


When we meet Easter, we prepare for her and our home. By the holiday, you must definitely clear the space in every sense. This means not only general cleaning, it also cleaning the energy of the house – walk through the rooms with a lit candle better consecrated in the temple. In the dwelling immediately changes the atmosphere – it is long known what power the fire has in the fight against negative flows, and not for nothing the flames of esoterics candles give special properties. And how to do without business, which any hostess reveres for a special honor, – preparation of traditional Easter dishes, Easter and cooks. And how much joy to children is given by the process of dyeing eggs, which can be painted, and dressed up in appliqués, and so on, who as fantasy will allow.


On the Holy Sabbath, we will attach to one more important event, the gathering of the Holy Fire in the Temple of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. There is also a multiday wait for participation in the procession and the Easter service, and a leader that for more than two thousand years makes mankind cry with happiness: “Christ Resurrection!”.

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